Tieck’s “Der blonde Eckbert”: A Psychological Reading consciousness split into two personalities” (p. ) and their story as a more or less involuntary. Volume XXXIV MARCH, Number 2. “DER BLONDE ECKBERT” AS A POETIC CONFESSION1. RAYMOND IMMERWAHR. The reduction of Tieck’s status in. Blond Eckbert is an opera by Scottish composer Judith Weir. The composer wrote the English-language libretto herself, basing it on the cryptic supernatural short story Der blonde Eckbert by the German Romantic writer Ludwig Tieck.

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The flames filled the room with bright light and played on the ceiling, pitch-black night peered in at the windows, and outside the cold, damp air set the trees shaking.

The Importance of Ambiguity in Tieck’s “Der blonde Eckbert”

As human nature is forgetful, I imagined that my former journey, in my childhood, had not been so sad and woful as the present; I wished to be as I was then.

Evie Snel rated it it was ok Oct 29, I thought I heard the rushing of a mill afar off; I redoubled my steps; and how glad, how light of heart was I, when at last I actually gained the limits of the barren rocks, and saw woods and meadows lying before me, with soft green hills in the distance! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As she closes her tale, Bertha notes that she cannot remember the name of the old woman’s dog; then, to her surprise, Walther reminds her rather offhandedly of the dog’s name, and takes his leave.

Eckbert the Blond – Wikisource, the free online library

Paperbackpages. Eckbert was only ever cheerful for a few moments at a time, for he distinctly felt that his companion loved him only out of some misapprehension; Hugo did not know him and was unacquainted with his history, and once again Eckbert felt the urge to confide unreservedly in another person, to tell Hugo everything about himself by way of assuring himself that the young man was truly his friend.

But it seemed to be his doom that, in the very hour of confidence, he should always find materials for suspicion. Quinn Olsen rated it it was amazing Feb 12, But what grieved me far more than this, were the quarrels which my father and mother often had about their poverty, and the bitter reproaches they cast on one another.


The wild rocks retired behind us more and more: It was just after midnight; the moon could be glimpsed only intermittently through the clouds that fluttered past it.

Bernd rated it did not like it Jun 06, There are hours when it makes a person uneasy to think that he is keeping a secret from his friend, a secret that he has taken great pains to conceal until then; the soul then feels an irresistible urge to unbosom itself completely, to communicate its innermost core to the friend, in the hope that he will become all the more our friend as a result.

I buried him in the garden. Will he not somehow exploit what he has learned? I quickly learned to find my way about the house, and got to know all the objects that surrounded me; it now seemed to me as though everything had always been the way it was; it no longer occurred to me that there was anything particularly strange about the old woman, that the house was fantastically situated and remote from other human dwellings, that there was anything even slightly out of the ordinary about a bird that could sing actual words.

She folded her bony hands and said blonfe in a loud voice, all the while putting her face through its characteristic round of contortions, such that I once again could hardly refrain from laughing; but I took especial care to retain my composure for fear of making her angry.

She had been given a life with the old woman and her time of trials was almost over when she stole the bird and gems. But this urge was invariably checked by certain scruples and a fear of being dre and execrated.

I had long ago noticed that the woman was always rummaging through the bolnde in a secretive manner, but I had never thought to ask myself exactly why she was doing this.

Tieck], Berlin Nicolai My young soul was here first taken with a forethought of the world and its vicissitudes. Psychology and philosophy, most notably conceptions from both Karl-Philip Moritz and J.

In Tieck’s hands, however, the combination of these two fairly straightforward forms takes on a life of its own, confronting the reader with an astounding depth and intricacy: This suspicion soon sharpened into a conviction.


I prayed; and did not sleep till towards morning.

Dec 30, Vatroslav Herceg rated it liked it. After doing so, however, Eckbert becomes insanely suspicious of his friend; Hugo then proceeds to take on, to Eckbert’s eyes, the features of Walther, and finally, after his journey through the forest and to the secluded hut, the features of the old woman as well. The cloth being removed, and the servants gone, Eckbert took his friend’s hand, and said to him: And so I would often sit in a corner and flood my imagination with fantasies of how I would help them if I suddenly became rich, how I would pour gold and silver by the bagful into their laps, and feast my eyes on their astonishment; then I would see spirits soaring up from beneath the floor and revealing to me the hiding places of secret subterranean treasure hordes, or handing me tiny pebbles that instantly metamorphosed into precious stones; in short, my mind was kept constantly busy by the most marvelous imaginings, and when filial duty required me to rise from my seat in order to lend a hand in doing or carrying something, I would perform the job all the more ineptly on account of the giddiness I was suffering thanks to all those curious visions swimming round in my head.

Refresh and try again.

It seemed to him as if he would be happy and carefree if only this single individual could be gotten out of his way. I asked where Martin the shepherd was, and I was told that he and his wife had both been dead for three years.

Eckbert the Blond

I felt pressed and hampered in my heart; I wished to stay where I was, and yet the thought of that afflicted me; there was a strange contention in my soul, as if between two discordant spirits. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He wrestled with these imaginings throughout the night and got very little sleep.