Delusions of Gender has ratings and reviews. Cordelia Fine, a psychologist, decided to write this book after discovering her son’s kindergarten. In Delusions of Gender the psychologist Cordelia Fine exposes the bad science, the ridiculous arguments and the persistent biases that blind. fascinating on the blurring of the line between pathological delusions and the Cordelia Fine is a Research Associate at the Centre for Agency, Values and.

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As a psychology major, I loved her incorporation of self-fulfilling prophecy and stereotype threat, such as including a study about how women who had to check a gender box either “male” or “female” performed worse on an exam than women who took delusiohs test without marking their gender.

In addition to the really bad popular literature on gender difference see John Grayand Louann Brizendine’s The Female Brainwhich she analyzes, there’s a lot of really bad cordelka.

Anyone who’s ever thought about gender differences. There is a strange tendency to view differences in current achievements between men and women as proof of inherently different abilities. Then we can get on to the more interesting discussion of how much difference is innate, and how significant those differences are. A detailed but informal look at the pervasive power of gender stereotypes, backed by science.

Soon I shall be reading this “vehement dismantling of the latest pseudo-scientific claims about the differences between the sexes.

Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference

However, that’s a fault of my expectations, rather than the book itself. It is aimed at the intelligent reader who may or may not have a science background; I do not, but found the book fascinating, clear, cordella well-organized, with strong, logical analysis of cordeli research and even a few moments of humor.

Consider the facts that are not in dispute. But her sharp tongue is tempered with humor and linguistic playfulness, as the title itself suggests…. It’s reasoning based on what’s politically expedient and expecting reality to conform to that. First, she explores the construction of gender and explains aspects of the present inequality from her perspective in social psychology.


Oct 06, Lobstergirl rated it really liked it. I decided to take a break from being girlishly bad at math and reading people’s minds with my lady empathizing skills to read this book, and I sure am glad I did.

I once asked a FIDE official: It’s a discussion of the dleusions that preconceived biases and social cues CREATE difference or the illusion of difference between men and women read: With some misgivings, I will outline what they are. Oh, and then you have difference feminism, complete with their own quack psychologists such as Carol Gilligan who claim that, yes, there are innate differences between men and women, but that women’s “way of knowing” is superior to men’s.

Or a cultural Myth? We have all heard and perhaps told stories like the following. Her material spoke for itself, the relentless mass of it which she brings to bear. Being wrong isn’t cause for dismissal in science.

She also discusses the history and impact of gender stereotypes and the ways that science has been used to justify sexism. Again, Delusiions was already well aware of a lot of what Fine said in thsi chapter, but she lays it out clearly. For anyone who knows what I mean Most studies about people’s ways of thinking and behaving find no differences between men and women, but these fail to spark the interest of publishers and languish in the file drawer.

Delusions of Gender – Wikipedia

Then pages later, in a study intended to offer an alternate explanation would be a phrase like, “Mothers of infants report Poorly conducted studies with flawed methodologies, too-small studies, confusion of correlation with causation. An all but obligatory paragraph in contemporary books and articles about hardwired gender differences gleefully describes a parent’s valiant, but always comically hopeless, attempts at gender-neutral parenting” On average, there is a vast difference between men and women as to which gender they find sexually appealing.

Let me boil the book down for the busy reader: When it came to the potential non-social influences though This book contains a long section on what is becoming a particularly fascinating area of research for me — called stereotype threat. Outside the womb, social environments continue to shape our brains.


The science of gender differences turns out to be very bad science indeed; it seems that everyone has an agenda, and is willing to do whatever it takes to advance it. Nov 27, Scribble Orca marked it as to-be-consideread Recommended to Scribble by: In one particularly egregious example, an author drew gender differences from a study with only female participants. With a keen and unrelenting eye, she examines scientific theories and misconceptions, like the role testosterone plays in the fetus.

She exposes shockingly lightweight research that is coddelia seriously and nuanced research that is misreported.

Delusions of Gender (Paperback)

They also taught their children only to allocate people to a gender on the basis of their anatomy and reproductive functions. Since you have both males and females in your group, you rin a quick check to ensure that the two groups’ brains respond in the same way.

Published August 30th by W. While I’m sure that most of the scientific data that Fine deals with assume binary gender, and was gathered from predominantly white Westerners, I do think that had she done a bit more digging, she would have unearthed a delusins of work which would have undermined the assumption of the Western-centric gender binary while supporting the very point she’s trying to make.

I’ve heard of some of them. No one explains that this is averaged difference. Studies that fail to find one may not be published. The sad thing is, this book is very interesting and insightful in so many other ways, in outlining some ways delisions behavior is socialized.