The main source of information is the DejaGnu user guide by Rob Savoye [3]. The most useful section is the Unit Testing API, which lists all the procedures. Follow these instructions as closely a possible in order get a good insight into how DejaGnu works, else you might run into a lot of subtle problems. You have. DejaGnu uses the GNU autoconf to configure itself. For more info on using autoconf, read the GNU autoconf manual. To configure, execute the configure.

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For example, if a standard says “The sun shall shine”, a corresponding assertion might be “The sun is shining. See the Legal Notice for details. TCL is extensively documented mmanual its website see www.

Indicates that a test has failed as expected. Used for tests which depend on some conditionally available feature.

See section Defaults for runtest options. Using DejaGnu with autoconfautomake and libtool. Finally DejaGnu will load code from a tool specific configuration file.

Otherwise it will run only the test specified. This is a convenient place for quickly deiagnu changes. These have the general name board. To run tests from an existing collection, first use configure as usual to set up the source directory containing the tests.


If no test is specified, runtest will run all the tests it can find, which match the specified toolname. DejaGnu configuration files 3. The expect command 3. Thus for the tool or1ksimthe tests might appear in directories named or1ksim. However most systems provide it as a standard extra. This is always named site. However it is easiest to regard it as a language which extends TCL. When a pattern matches, its corresponding body is executed.

runtest(1) – Linux man page

Almost all use of DejaGnu is in practice within the context of projects using the GNU autotools autoconfautomake and libtool. Equivalent to matching either eof or timeout. Indicates that mmanual test is not supported. To run a DejaGnu test framework standalone is straightforward. Setting up DejaGnu for the first time is a challenge. Programmed Ddejagnufor details on expect.

Patterns for use with the expect command. In this example there is a board specific configuration directory configan expect test directory for each of two tools libsim. DejaGnu has a plethora of configuration files, each of which contain expect script that is processed before each test.

For a small program, the spawned output could all fit in the buffer.

The runtest command 2. Test directories Directories named toolname [ type ].

DejaGnu Testing Framework – What is DejaGnu?

DejaGnu has some basic expectations of where it will find files, although this can be overridden with command line options to runtest. Dejgnu section Tcl Overviewfor details on Tcl. In some older systems, this file may be named configure.


Commonly used when tests timeout. Using DejaGnu for Testing. By convention the tests are all run from a directory named testsuitebut this need not be the case. The pattern should thus be all in lower case. Cygnus maintains and enhances a variety of free programs in many different environments, and we needed a testing tool that:.

Command line option variables (DejaGnu)

It will be placed in the main test suite directory, but within the build directory hierarchy, not the source directory hierarchy. If more than this is encountered while reading bytes, earlier bytes will be forgotten. The expect language 2.

There are a wide range of possible patterns that expect can use. This is intended as a file to allow a group testing the same product to share common settings. Two components already exist: DejaGnu is a testing framework, originally developed for the GNU project.