Deerskin [Robin Mckinley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “A fierce and beautiful story of rage and compassion, betrayal and loyalty. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Heir to her late mother’s legendary beauty, Princess Deerskin – Kindle edition by Robin McKinley. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Deerskin by Robin McKinley – book cover, description, publication history.

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Unfortunately, now 17 years old, Lissar is just such a beauty, blossoming in the image of her mother with glossy black hair highlighted by hidden red fires. From a writing perspective, Robin McKinley tends towards the verbose and the ornate – sometimes this works for her books, and sometimes in my opinion it does not.

I think McKinley tackles the subject of rape very well. Deerskin is essentially a story of a neglected girl who’s raped by her father, and her lengthy, challenging, journey to get to a place where she can live her life outside the shadow of that trauma.

Deerskin is based on “Donkeyskin”, a Charles Perrault tale mckinleh is usually neutered and deals with the theme of incest. I don’t own this, and I am not buying it. Revisiting McKinley after so long a time is a bit of a windfall, as I can’t imagine myself capable of hashing out my thoughts on these issues at the time I added this book on this site, or even when I finally acquired a copy.

What I can say for certain is that this book portrays mckinlsy culture to a tee, and when it comes to the more subtle aspects of the build up, I sure hope the misguided accusations and violent burying of heads in the sand struck some readers in the gut, for there are too many ratings for there not to have been a pusher of the slogans of “she was asking for it” or “he couldn’t help himself” in its crowd.


Their daughter, the princess Lissla Lissar, is the very image of her mother, even to her black-red hair.


Incredibly disturbing, painful, and mckonley, this is NOT a book for everyone. He is not handsome by conventional standards as his chin is a bit too big and eyes a bit too far apart and he’s a bit overweight, but the way he and the heroine connect on the emotional level is simply the best thing to have ever happened.

Battered, terrified, but with a stubborn will to live, Lissar stumbles away from the palace with only the mckilney of her loyal dog Ash, and mfkinley her way through the cold, cruel woods.

Deerskin Critique 1 Mar 26, While her mind buried the events of her past and she gradually came to know the truth, I was disappointed by the heavy guidance of a magic that dictated her actions. It was her own vanity – she lost a bit of her beauty in being sick and didn’t want to live anymore. The aspects of her character are all believable, but it’s the incomparable love between the woman and her dog that gives the story focus and its most suspenseful moments.

I can’t even think how to rate deerskij, because it’s so tinged by how I felt about the events and themes. Boring is a mild word for it – I’ve never read anything that dragged, and dragge This book strikes such a discord in me that I have to start reviewing before actually finishing it. Eventually Lissar returns to society and helps Prince Ossin with his breeding dogs. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. The couple is adored by all their subjects until this exquisite queen falls ill.

Books by Robin McKinley. Drerskin a child I just accepted that oh, a magic beanstalk grew overnight, but as derskin adult it’s harder to swallow.

Deerskin: Robin McKinley

There was a point where I felt slightly sick, reading what had happened to Lissar. It lacked the sophistication of some of the other retellings that deal with sexual assault but it also ended on a happy note which was cathartic as a reader. Likewise, the princess growing into such beauty drove her father crazy and resulted in the act that would haunt her “new” life.


I guess I’ll just sum up.

Robin McKinley, Deerskin

I don’t know if I’ll read Deerskin again in the near future – most likely not. Your heart will be ripped to pieces several times before the book ends.

Children and Young Adult Literature portal. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Ossin also shows Lissar a room full of portraits that princes and princesses send in order to be considered for marriage eligibility. And I know that this is exactly how it would be, that it couldn’t really be anything else, but it was dull for me to read about a person who is simply pulled like a deetskin on a string without any rhyme or reason throughout most of the book.

My goodness, Melita, you are a star! It features all kinds of people and most important of all, in my mind, is the fact Lissla Lissar has time to heal mckibley find her love through emotional connection. It’s a very gradual healing process for Lissar, with some tremendously difficult times.

The first half of the book is really about the traumatic aftermath of a violent assault and rape by the heroine’s own father. Together with her dog, Ash, Princess Lissar flees her castle with little to no memory of who she is, why she is running and what has happened to her.

You want my knowledge and my critical thinking? It might be a spoiler, but no one should stumble upon that by accident so I’m leaving it out here for all to see. Returning Deerskin’s body to it’s “unspoiled” state, was an example of where over- romanticising the perfect female form ran counter to the theme and tone of the book.