Name of Act. Decree supreme No of May 6th promoting breastfeeding . DECRETO SUPREMO Nº pdf. SUBPROGRAMA FUNCIONAL Protección de Poblaciones en. Riesgo. ACTIVIDAD . Decreto Supremo que crea el Programa. Social denominado. DECRETO SUPREMO Nº Uploaded by. miky · Uploaded by. miky · Como Enseñar Musica a Los Niños Pequeños. Uploaded by.

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However, as it was already mentioned, female working hours shall not exceed 40 hours per week. Infants born to anaemic mothers have less than one half the normal iron reserves. S Night work Women workers in general shall be employed only during the day.

A parent who personally and duly cares for a child who is the youngest in the family is entitled to parental allowance. Women are entitled to be reinstated in the posts they previously occupied, on condition that they return to work within the year following their confinement.

Overweight in school-age children and adolescents aged 5—19 years is included as an intermediate outcome indicator in the core set of indicators for the Global nutrition monitoring supemo. Women still sipremo many practical obstacles to fully exercising their role in political life.

TRAVAIL legal databases

What are the implications? In case of illness or complications, the period of leave is indefinite. The global hunger index captures three dimensions of hunger: However, unless such efforts are mentioned in strategy documents such as the UNDAF, they may receive inadequate attention from development partners to ensure the necessary sustainability or scale-up to adequately address nutrition problems in that country.

From the day of birth of a child until the child reaches the age of one month.

Persons insured under the Sickness and Maternity Social Insurance, who were granted pregnancy and child-birth leave. This indicator is the prevalence of children with diarrhoea who received oral rehydration solution ORS. Act of May 1st elevating to Law rank: Trends in undernourishment are due mainly to: Alleviating hunger is a prerequisite for reducing poverty sustainably, because undernourishment seriously affects labour productivity and earning capacity. The 0115 criterion is based on the net i.


Decrreto are not qualifying conditions General Labour Act.

Mechanisms – Reglamento de Sanciones Específicas a la Ley No. 3460

Trained nutrition professionals work at health facilities and at the population and community levels; they may influence nutrition policies, as well as the design and implementation of nutrition intervention programmes at various levels. Workers may not be discriminated against on the grounds of sex. There are not stipulated qualifying conditions to be entitled with paternity leave-parental leave. Sixty days Extension There is not extension provided for multiple births. Maternal, infant and young child nutrition programmes – Promotion of improved hygiene practices including handwashing.

Act No of August 15 of Global strategy for infant and young child feeding. Act No of August 15 of There is no gold standard for what a sufficient health workforce would be to address the health care needs of a given population.

Births do, however, take place in various other appropriate places, from homes to tertiary referral centres, depending on availability and need.

Cut-off values for public health significance.

Bolivia – Maternity protection – 2011

011 supreme of May 17 of Decree supreme of March 18 of Decree Law of December 24 of Duration Up to 45 days before and 45 decretk after confinement. Labour Code Results generated on: Health expenditure includes all expenditures for the provision of health services, family planning activities, nutrition activities and emergency aid designated for health, but it excludes the provision of drinking water and sanitation.

  ISO 14764 PDF

Parents cannot be dismissed except for just cause attributable to them, and their wages and job cannot be altered.

Landscape Analysis more information: One hundred percent There are no readily available data on this indicator, which is maintained in the NLiS to encourage countries to collect and compile data on these aspects, in order to assess their national capacity. Funds from the General Treasury and municipal funds. Up to 45 days before and 45 days after confinement.

Explaining child malnutrition in developing countries: Repositioning nutrition as central to development: Diario Oficial de 14 de julio de Sanctions were imposed on the violations identified during monitoring, including criminal sanctions, administrative sanctions, other sanctions Milk formula companies visitors prohibited from entering the governmental and Private Hospitals.

Decree supreme of May the 1st of Regula. Historical data year indicates year of data collection Expectant and breastfeeding mothers require special protection to prevent any potential adverse effects for them and their infants. Labour Code Section Overtime The employer may not employ pregnant female employees, or female or male employees taking care of a child, who is younger than one year, on overtime work.

These indicators provide information on national policies for deceto entitlement to maternity protection, including leave from work during pregnancy and after birth, as well breastfeeding entitlements after return to work. The improper marketing and promotion of food products that compete with breastfeeding often negatively affect the choices and ability of a mother to feed her infant optimally, by discouraging the practice of breastfeeding.

Ministry of Labour http: