Deathbird Stories has ratings and reviews. Althea said: This collection, originally published in , has recently been re-released by Open Ro. Deathbird Stories. Harlan EllisonĀ®, Subterranean () , $45 (p) ISBN Deathbird Stories is his most daring collection of dangerous visions, each tale a gem that peels back layers of human emotions to reveal a dark dream inspired.

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Deathbird Stories is the inkwell of our psyche; the altar of despair. Foglio, Phil and Kaja. Just so you know, some of the books we review are received free from publishers.

In general, I found that I prefered his horror and supernatural-style stories over those that reached into deahbird fantasy and to a lesser extent the science fiction areas. And I have to mention the occasional weird racism and misogyny that butts its way in: Not that this is an issue for me, I never read books in one sitting. Cancel reply Or login to FanLit with: While this may not be my cup of tea sstories there are a couple of things specifically that bothered me about the book.

Deathbird Stories

I love the idiot slang terms that kids in the future use, and I love how it turns out to be a futuristic western in the end. Give my love to Susan. No, every story in this book is meant to be read stroies way, not just a story here and there over the years.


First thing I’ve read in a while that made me actively angry.

It’s a bizarre acid-trip; a series of hallucinatory images. Oct 11, John Bruni rated it it was amazing. Deathbirv ask other readers questions about Deathbird Storiesplease sign up. Thompson rated it it was amazing. Mystery and horror aboard a haunted spaceship Sunday Status Update: He screams his straight-from-the-guts I’ve read a few of these stories before, but never like this. Apparently, Ellison like others at the time took the murder of Kitty Genovese as a symbol of all that was wrong with urban living.

Its structure works, successfully, like nothing else I’ve read, and the content is The Deathbird is a series of short stories that I damn near required all my friends and lovers to read.

Publication: Deathbird Stories

The language is trippy and overwrought. Qitsualik-Tinsley, Rachel and Sean. Ellison precedes Gaiman’s American Gods concept by 30 years or so, creating new gods based on what we as a society worship. A beautiful supernatural fantasy of love and sacrifice. In a final scene, she encounters a burglar in her apartment who attacks her in a scene that mirrors the attack that she witnessed earlier.


This guy’s intellect is frightening.

It’s the very antithesis of showing, not telling. To say more would be to wtories it. This didn’t really upset me, but it did leave me with the impression that, taken as a whole, there is something a bit “off” about the whole collection.

So naturally I made a pilgrimage to the public library, checked it out, read it, and basically this is the book that made me want to be a writer. Many thanks to them for the opportunity to read.

It’s not what you’d think would happen. With the exception of “The Whimper of Whipped Dogs”, with which I was already familiar from its countless reprintings, I found the stories emotionally and intellectually uninvolving. This story is the crappiest, most offensive indictment of city life – specifically New York City life – that I’ve deathbirdd encountered.

Quotes from Deathbird Stories.