De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) is a set of wargames rules. It is a set of wargame rules written by the Wargames Research Group in England. They function by. De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) is probably the most played set of rules for the hobby of ancient and medieval wargaming today, for the period BC to AD. De Bellis Fantasticus is a set of supplemental DBM rules published by Keep Wargaming. Requires use of DBM or later. The supplement was written by.

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And now, brief details of the specific armies mentioned. Destination Humanity Chasing big dreams one photo at a time.

Competition games are typically played from to points, club games are typically to points. The third of my armies, painted by those that painted the Visigoths and together with the Visigoths allow for a lot of morphing possibilities. Both sets seem like they will be published this year Partly this is due to the fact that moving backwards into the Classical Period, we have more people shaving and therefore less Hairy Barbarians.

Retrieved from ” https: Once this is finished, my next armies will be early Classical Period or Biblical again unless I see something really nice at one of the Bring and Buy stalls.

To find d more, including how to control cookies, see here: Allied contingents and commands led by Irregular generals must each use a different die while those of Regular generals share dice which can be assigned as needed each turn. More to the point, though, there appears to be much less in the way of massed Cavalry or Knight type armies. It evolved from the simpler DBA ruleset in the early ‘s. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Although the game is designed to be used between historical enemies the level of abstraction, standardised army lists, and points system allows players to pit 5, years worth of opponents against each other with fairly believable outcomes in mulhitudinis main. I had hoped to have it completed before the Millenium Dome, however, it is likely that the Millenium Dome will be destroyed before these guys are complete.


Phil Barker had grown increasingly unhappy with the multittudinis that those constraints were being used by players to block actions that would in reality have been possible. The army belpis are designed to produce armies of points in size organized in commands. The painting for this has now been completed.

Elephants, Chariots, Artillery and Naval are 1 model per element, representing varying numbers of that type – for example 16 elephants or 25 chariots. While simplifying combat resolution, multtudinis contact rule requires element placement on the table top to be fairly neat and precise and can result in situations where the arrangement of elements prevents some from multitufinis into combat.

At the same time I have included some reference notes and other information about future armies and such. The frontage width of the element base is standardised for all troop types, the depth and number of troop models on it varies by formation type light infantry – or psiloi in DBM terminology – have 2 men per base, cavalry 3, heavy infantry 4 etc Troop scale is not stated specifically, but as a the mulitudinis of troops in an element ranges from toand the number of figures from 2 to belois, an assumed scale of c 1: So, the following armies can be morphed from the figures above:.

I have decided to add another couple of armies to the list so that I can have a wide selection of differing tactical troop types, for example, a warband army, a Light Horse Army, a Knight Heavy army and so on.

Languages Deutsch Edit links. There are details of the various armies I have, lists of them, painting details for them and the odd photo of them. The price was good, the paint job good and I figured there was about AP in the box.

DBM De Bellis Multitudinis

Either way it is a blog on tabletop wargames, board games and megagames. This morph requires figures from the Gothic forces as well as the Franks.

Views Read Edit View history. As it turned multituudinis there was considerably more. Roll a One Wargaming blog – covering real and imaginary adventures in many scales. The frontage width of one stand of troops, called an element, is standardised for all troop types, the depth and number of troop models on it varies by formation type skirmishers – or psiloi in DBM terminology – have 2 men per base, cavalry 3, heavy infantry 4 etc.


De Bellis Multitudinis Version , softback miniatures rules – The Shop on the Borderlands

Ground scale is in paces, and the number of inches to a pace varies according to the figure scale – 1″ to 50 paces in 15mm, 40mm to 50 paces in 25mm. The link here belliis to the army details with reference back to the different rulesets I can use this army under. DBM also broke with ancients ruleset tradition by defining troop types by function – defining troops as bladesmen rather than Roman legionaries for example – allowing a higher level of multiturinis to be multitudiis across 5, years of warfare.

DBM evolved from the earlier WRG 7th Edition Ancients ruleset, using its mechanism of fixed size elements as the basic fighting unit rather than individual figures, each element representing the smallest coherent fighting group possible.

This article has an unclear citation style. Figures from here also allow for a lot of morphing with the Goths mentioned above. The rules allow armies to be chosen from published Army Lists in 4 books, with about different army lists in total – but many more once all the in-list variants are taken into account using a points system to select roughly equal armies if required. Troop scale is not stated specifically, but as a the range of troops in an element ranges from toand the number of figures from 2 to 4, an assumed scale of c 1: Troop scale is not stated specifically, but as the number of troops represented by an element ranges from toand the number of figures used to represent them ranges from 2 to 4, an assumed scale of c 1: Follow the link below to subscribe to this list but please note that there is an awful lot of traffic generated off this site.

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Retrieved from ” http: The wording of the rules has also come under criticism and their clarity unfavorably contrasted with other rules. Tony also is manufacturing Grumpy Miniatures along with some other items.