I could write a essay. Complete work! Has everything to run infinite games, include a few colored maps inside. Plenty of tables and charts. This is the way DnD. Find great deals for Dungeons Dragons RPG Rules Cyclopedia D&d TSR Shop with confidence on eBay!. I have it on good account that Rules Cyclopedia is best version of D&D. That includes 5th edition in being inferior to it. Why? Two things.

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If there was ever a company that deserved to go out of business Chuck July 3, at 2: Its product designation was Cyclopedka For a full list, see the Related Subreddits wiki page. Do not use URL shorteners. Dragondown Grotto Red Hand of Doom.

Dungeons Dragons RPG Rules Cyclopedia D&d TSR | eBay

It’s rules-moderate and complete nature really makes me wish that the RC could have been the RPG market perennial that it should have been.

Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. I’m using Labyrinth Lord as my simple system of choice but I plan to use the RC for if the players ever start rubbing up against the highest levels in LL. Bruce Heard interview from Will Mistretta July 2, at 7: One thing about it that made me very happy was the degree of customization encouraged, both in the rules and in the support materials. Anthony Los Angeles July 1, at 4: On a side note, it must remain popular with a lot of people: I have never used the skill system.


The Rules Cyclopedia looks like an interesting buy.

The skill system is dull, and easily ditched, as is the weapon mastery system which gets very broken very quickly, if I remember right. It’s not a good fit for beginners rukes for gamers who aren’t accustomed to having to “wing it” at nearly every turn as their campaign unfolds. For you, apparently you hit that sweet spot in BECMI, which suggests you don’t like combat very much at all and I hope you don’t do very much of it.

Oh no for sure it is. Anthony Los Angeles July 1, at 2: He’s a bit removed from the era of gaming I focus on here.

Retrieved September 9, Cycloperia still have this, but cyclkpedia never used it. That it came out in the time period in TSR’s existence that it did Arthur July 1, at 3: Usable example dungeons are a rulebook staple, but not so much usable examples of worldbuilding.

You see a similar sentiment among 2e fans, who pretty universally voice the opinion that the best adventures created for 2e were free lance submissions in Dungeon magazine.


Weapon specialization, proficiencies, away-too-math-intensive mass combat system, etc. There are all sorts of things I could criticize the RC for.

The Rules Cyclopedia includes two optional classes to the game: Rules Cyclopedia offers the fastest combat of any edition, so long as you use group initiative. More monsters than you could ever possibly use in a hundred lifetimes, drowning you in options.


Dungeons Dragons RPG Rules Cyclopedia D&d TSR 1071

Shannon Appelcline said that the book “was a nice compilation that was appreciated by the fans”. When one compares it to the bulk of TSR’s output in the early 90s, most of which were clearly intended as mere pieces in a larger product line, the Cyclopedia seems all the more anomalous.

Too many magic items. That makes no sense! I agree that it’s a shame, though. Way too many monsters.

Why Rules Cyclopedia is the ultimate D&D edition

Things like the skills and Weapon Mastery don’t do much for me, but all d&s all I could and have run campaigns with it for many, many years. This includes art commissions, modules, maps, podcasts, streams, etc, whether you are charging for them or not. This is deeply ironic as everyone knows that new editions are supposed to improve the game.

About the right number of spells and magic items.