David Swensen, investment manager of the Yale University Endowment Fund, has addressed how investors should set up and manage their. David Swensen’s portfolio (from Unconventional Success). DavidSwensen. “ Individual investors should take control of their financial destinies. Bogleheads – How many folks have read the book Unconventional Success? If you did, what are your thoughts? Is the book still relevant since it.

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The screed is entertaining, and potentially informative, but ultimately it makes the book rather imbalanced and lacking a constructive message. It also exposes the mutual fund business as one in which the investor is behind the eight ball so to speak.

Sep 28, Jesse added it. Surprisingly, Unconventionall have done better than a lot of the “lazy” portfolios listed on Marketwatch but still couldn’t match the simple 3 fund portfolio. Perhaps most destructive of all are the hidden schemes that limit investor choice and reduce returns, including unconvfntional product-placement fees, stale-price trading scams, soft-dollar kickbacks, and 12b-1 distribution charges.

Swensen also sees stocks as a long term investment, although he warns not to be too sentimental over particular companies that you want sell when you need to rebalance. Who are the Bogleheads? Market Timing is hard.

KISS Retirement Portfolio: David Swensen’s ‘Unconventional Success’

A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone. At Yale, where he produced an unparalleled two-decade investment record of Keep in mind that past performance does not forecast future performance. Portfolio 2 is the portfolio from the second article in this series, Rick Ferri’s 3 fund portfolio consisting of: And I believe the saensen spends too much time including examples of mistakes and fraud committed on wall wwensen, which I would assume most of his readers already know if they’re picking up this book, and not enough time on examples of how to avoid such pitfalls.


It had a higher standard deviation than the other portfolios, but had a substantially higher CAGR and better Sharpe and Sortino ratios. Swensen offers incontrovertible evidence that the for-profit mutual-fund industry consistently fails the average i The bestselling author of Pioneering Portfolio Managementthe definitive template for institutional fund management, returns with a book that shows individual investors how to manage their financial assets.

Want to Read saving…. David Swensen has managed Yale’s Endowment since Ultimately, I don’t believe one will go wrong following this advice–especially on the asset allocation and selection basis–but I do believe that using superior managers, whether through mutual fund vehicles or not, may provide better risk adjusted returns than their index counterparts.

The swenxen half of the book was great for asset allocation tips, clearly delineating various asset classes as to risk exposure and historical return characteristics.

Clear outline of the motivations for changing how you invest for your future! It’s much more approachable and covers a lot of the same ground.

This book addresses the question, how should the average person invest for retirement. Investors with large treasury bond allocations might also consider substituting treasury bond ladders and treasury inflation protected bond ladders for the bond fund allocations. For one that does swenen believe in active management, he and his cohort at the Yale Endowment appear to be doing a fine job of “actively managing” their funds.


David Swensen Unconventional Success –

Three fund portfolios for taxable accounts. Maybe the guy got amazing returns with Yale’s endowment, but his book is boring and not that useful. Core Four portfolios- update. Seems like there are some good ideas in here, but there are also some sentences like this one: Must redeem within 90 days. This is one reason it is important to look at how portfolios have performed in Bear markets.

But most of the book is actually a pure screed against mutual funds with what are effectively sidebars about Real Estate Investment Trusts and Exchange-Traded Funds.

Unconventional Success: A Fundamental Approach to Personal Investment

By avoiding actively managed funds and employing client-oriented mutual-fund managers, investors create the preconditions for investment success. Aug 31, Junior rated it liked it.

In addition I serve as an administrator of finiki, the Canadian financial wiki, and as an administrator of the John C. The bestselling author of Pioneering Portfolio Managementthe definitive template for institutional fund management, returns swenseb a book that shows individual investors how to manage their financial assets.

It is not enough to just invest with an index fund or invest with Vanguard, because even index funds can charge high fees and even Vanguard has shortcomings.

Bogle Center for Financial Literacy site. The tables below show returns for the Swensen portfolios, using Vanguard investor shares for the asset class selections.