Saboteur has ratings and 63 reviews. Lyn said: Darth Maul as agent of chaos. Elric would be Luceno’s novella, Darth Maul: Sabote. Star Wars Darth Maul – Saboteur. By James Luceno. Nearly every world in the Videnda sector had something to recommend it — warm saline seas, verdant. Book Description When The Phantom Menace debuted in May , its most popular character was the double-lightsaber-wielding Darth Maul, the centerpiece.

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Commissioned by his Master, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul is sent to intervene as a saboteur on the mining planet Datrh and see daarth it that the competing mining companies, Lommite Limited and InterGal, merge to one and leave the shipping of the ore to the Trade Federation. Freighter Gunship Immobilizer cruiser Shuttle. Speaks to no one because he likes to be silent sinister incognito. A New Hope Episode V: There, his unique gifts of deception and subterfuge will set off an explosive chain of events that could destroy both companies, leaving them ripe for takeover by the Trade Federation.

Adrth skill at destruction are sure to serve him well here. The Microsoft Reader eBook version of “Saboteur” was not ready for release on February 15, due to a technical error.

Neither rival suspects that they are central to a sinister plot masterminded by Darth SidiousLord of the Sithhimself. For the infamous, power-hungry Sithbeholden to the dark sidethe time has come to rise again….

Darth Maul: Saboteur

Mauk — Saboteur by James Luceno. Sidious daryh this as an opportunity to take out both companies and move the Trade Federation in as rulers of the key planet. I’m surprised that I didn’t like it, because I’m currently reading another one by this author Darth Plagueis that I’m very much enjoying. Outside of Star Wars, Luceno has written several stand-alone novels and a few film adaptations. Hopefully I can save a few people some time if they are trying to find this story. On Coruscantcapital city of the Republic, the Neimoidian moves quickly to sell what he knows to the highest bidder.


First of all, there’s too much description and not enough action in what he writes. I wasn’t expecting much from this short story but was pleasantly surprised by what James Luceno has accomplished with “Saboteur”.

Saboteur (Star Wars: Darth Maul, #1) by James Luceno

Vector Prime Dark Tide I: Darth Maul as agent of chaos. I also enjoyed the detective and forensic aspect of Maul, which was not hinted at in ‘The Phantom Menace’, rather he was simply shown as a pit bull.

Now the future of the Republic depends on Darsha and Lorn. That’s just how the timeline goes.

– Books – Reviews | Darth Maul – Saboteur

Even better, we get a presentation of the Sith Lord in a mission where he doesn? During the battle, Master Bondara sacrifices himself by exploding Maul’s speeder with his own lightsaber, giving Darsha, Lorn, and I-Five time to escape. However, the Sith Lord sees through the lie, and when the conversation ends, he sends his apprentice Darth Maul after the missing Deputy Viceroy.

It is available for immediate download from Amazon. After years of waiting in the shadows, Darth Sidious is taking the first step in his master plan to bring the Republic to its knees.

He meets secretly with his Neimoidian contacts in the Trade Federation to plan the blockade of the planet Naboo. Maul executes Monchar for this treachery against Sidious by decapitating him with his lightsaberand sets off to find Pavan and I-Five.

We also get a good look at another corner of the Star Wars galaxy and a taste of what the working class goes through at the lommite mining operation. That being said, this is not a groundbreaking story, more of a real quick foray into the Star Wars universe and providing a first chapter introduction into Luceno’s Cloak of Deception novel. My beef about it was the ending, not as uplifting as I would like from a book, but very good at wrapping up so there were no loose ends.


For in the labyrinthine alleyways and sewers of Coruscant’s own dark side, she will cross paths with Lorn, who is fleeing from the Sith stalker, carrying with him crucial information that must reach the Jedi Council at all costs. This was an excellent short read. Finally, we have to talk about the e-book format. There was also some inconsistency between this book and Shadow Hunter.

No first names, so I guess it could be a relative. Saboteur is 40 pages of feeble politics commentary and 10 pages of Darth Maul making menacing faces when no one is looking. Commissioned by his Master Darth Maul is to intervened as a saboteur on the mining planet Dorvalla and see to it the the competing mining companies merge to one and leave the shipping of the ore to the Trade Federation.

Sidious sends Darth Maul to Dorvalla to secretly sabotage the plans of both companies and initiate their eventual destruction. Not really much bad in this.

The trick will be getting in and out with no one the wiser to his dark presence. Cloak of Deception and Shadow Mail to familiarize with the personae dramatis. You may be looking for shadow huntera creature. It recounts Maul’s first solo mission and attempt to destroy two mining companies so the Trade Federation can take them over.

The subtlety of Darth Sidious is reflected in Maul.

Shadow Hunter is a novel that takes place shortly before Star Wars: