Letters of Shaykh al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi. Translated by Titus Burckhardt. A selection from the Rasa’il al-darqawiyya, an important document among the Sufi . THE first edition of the Encyclopaedia of Islam, published in , while admitting the importance of the Darqāwī order (see Derkāwā) in Morocco and Algeria. Mawlay al-‘Arabi ad-Darqawi.. letters from the Shaykh to the Fuqara on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I advise all of you, elite and common.

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This is the meaning of the Way and the purpose of the letters.

He, may Allah be pleased with him, is among our pure ones, the sharifs, the people of the House of the Chosen Messenger from whom filth falls away. Perseverance is in the place of the shaykh for the one who does not find a shaykh.

He would write the board and then reflect on it a little and then leave it and occupy himself with the writing on the boards of the students and talking with them. We are only veiled from our Lord by our preoccupation with our appetites.

Letters On The Spiritual Path

I knocked on the door and he opened it for me. You are in such a state that even your candlestick distracts you.

Whoever has himma which has risen above phenomenal beings reaches the Maker of being. The inner meanings do not descend on a heart unless it has a mighty connection with seeing the essence of its Lord.


The least amount of teaching is enough if intention and attention are present.

They know the prayer, but the one who knows what he is doing is daqrawi like the one who does not know what he is doing. They cannot separate themselves from it at all. The dhikr which he did after his obligatory prayer was: By Allah, we did not look at anyone with the intention of having him return from the state of heedlessness to the state of dhikr without his state being immediately transformed to what we desired.

May Allah take you by the hand! Whoever carqawi to our presence free and clear, leaves with his heart fattened. It was clear to me when I interpreted it, that the king I saw was Allah, the Mighty, the Majestic, and that the jewels were the jewels of knowledge. Man only has one heart. By Allah, if we were to restrain our abuse of the servants of Allah, our Lord would defend us against every harm of those who abuse us. Then he occupied himself with studying knowledge at Fes at the Misbahiyya Madrasa for a suitable period.

The curse of Allah is one on the one who denies. Divine knowledge in its plenty would come to me, but I was not distracted by it; rather I focussed my intention on invoking the Name, bringing the letters to my mind constantly for one whole month until the words of God came to: Had they understood, they would have said, “The business of the heart is incredible.

None can bar what You give and none can give what You bar. This was by inspiration from Allah, glory be to Him!


Letters of Shaykh al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi

You love us and we love you for Allah. This is because his luminosity may become too strong for him so that the teacher fears that it may obliterate him as it has obliterated many murids, past and present. There is no doubt that if anyone obtains reflection — even if it is after a year, or two or three years — then he has obtained great good and a clear secret since it says in Prophetic tradition, “An hour of reflection is better than seventy years of worship.

This is part of what one must believe.

By Allah, another impediment was obvious to me. That is absolutely necessary!

Letters of Shaykh al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi | The Matheson Trust

Serve whoever serves Me and exhaust whoever serves you. He is not veiled by separation from gatheredness nor from gatheredness by separation. Whenever you strengthen the senses, you weaken the meanings, and whenever you strengthen the meanings, you weaken the senses. I say to you, ‘The Outward’. By that, his will 19 continued and his gift remained with them and they remained with it forever by an immense support.