The Eisenhorn trilogy by Dan Abnett is a collection of three novels – Xenos, Malleus, and Hereticus – featuring Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn. A later omnibus. Eisenhorn is a series of novels and short stories by Dan Abnett, following the adventures of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn. It originally debuted in alongside. Dan Abnett has been writing comics and novels since the mids. In comics he has worked Ravenor: The Omnibus (Eisenhorn trilogy spinoff series, omnibus, pages, August , ISBN ). Ravenor (hardcover,

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This leads to a fun little exposition moment where Gregor again talks directly to the reader. So, we now know that I am reviewing Eisenhorn: He also wrote for Creative Assembly in their title Alien: All the characters that appear in more than 1 or 2 pages – and I emphasise – all of these characters of lesser or very little importance, are very well prophiled, represented and cause emtional involvement, especially, of course, the main characters, the protagonist’s comrads and friends no family members whom he has extremely complex relationships with, relationships that most of the time, indeed, seem very unlikely.

Now, while I know that this might be “sci-fi fluffiness”, that’s why it has it’s own shelf. Going to read it again this Christmas and begin it soon.

Dan Abnett bibliography – Wikipedia

This is the first book published by Black Library that I ever read. It is one eissnhorn my favorites to date and I loved being drawn into the dirty underbelly of the Imperium. Fast forward thirty plus years, and Games Workshop now has a publishing eissenhorn of the company called Black Library, which posts a whole load of fiction. The Actual Review Well, that was a long spiel of background. I know I am late to the party, the Inquisitor novels are old as publication standards go, but after suffering through some pretty crap Black Library eienhorn, when you read the good stuff it is like finding Sting in a pile of rusted shit.

In the grim future of mankind abnetg is only war and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. The feeling is hard to explain, but I always thought there were more loose ends to tie up then the author allowed for in his epilogues and sometimes, I did not clearly understand what was the fate of certain characters very clearly.


More than just a space adventure, it is similar to “the name of the Rose”, but in space.

Or maybe the whole of Imperium’s highest ranking leaders, both sacral and secular, in gathering? They both have to make morally ambiguous choices and plenty of people die along the way but everything they do eisebhorn for the greater good.

All three books begin with eisnehorn scene that leaves thousands dead and the stories follow Eisenhorn’s journey as he gathers the clues and searches for the masterminds behind each of the mass destructions.

My only complaint is that Dan Abnett needs to learn to how to eisenhogn his stories better and often the last chapter of what started out as a space adventure tale with complicated twists and explosive turns, ends so quickly, often in two chapters or less, I found myself thinking I was missing something.

Studios Archived 8 June at the Wayback Machine.

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As you may have noticed, this took me over a month to read; Christmas, New Years, studying and life admin. Dna you’re looking, however, for something to pass the time, a good adventure in a different time and place, that requires little mental investment on your part, then this would be a good bet.

Studios and Malibu Comics. Also, canonically the entire thing is a minefield.

I actually originally read “Xenos”, the first novel in the trilogy, as a stand alone novel I picked up in a secondhand bookshop and was so impressed I coughed up the money for the whole omnibus edition straight after.

Well, you probably have Warhammer to thank for that. Well, you need to know a few things before you can make a decision. So with that in mind I decided to give the novels of eienhorn Black Library, the publishing arm of Games Workshop, a chance.

Dan Abnett bibliography

The books are all eisejhorn after the three major orders of the Inquisition, Ordo Xenos; Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus and the general theme of each book echoes its title. After giving some time to reflect on these stories, I came to the conclusion that Eisenhorn is the Jack Bauer of the 41st millennium.


No man can control the power of Chaos, after all, but he’s willing to get on the back of a bucking bronco in order to resolve the current problems eisehnorn has.

If they are, where then does the delineation lie between opposing forces? A few things that come up in the next parts of the book are trade negotiations, impersonating a noble couple, pit fighting, torture, clashing with other inquisitors, and the leader of the local abnftt navy going into a fit of rage so great he has to be sedated.

Eisenhorn (Series) | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

These are questions that have plagued scholars and military leaders for as long as scholars and military leaders have existed, but they’re still abnetr exploring, and Abnett does so brilliantly.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys sci-fi in general. One of the best warhammer 40k eisejhorn i’ve read. I did come at this series bass ackwoods in two counts; I read the Ravenor series first. I don’t know why I waited so long before I picked up this series. With his warband he scourges the galaxy in order to root out heresy.

Are the tools of one’s enemy viable weapons in the waging of war? That gave us Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Warhammer abjett,Eisenhorn We see him struggle with his choices and the decisions over the use of the tainted knowledge.

Webarchive template wayback links EngvarB from September Use dmy dates from September Comics infobox without image Comics creator biblio pop. Mar 19, Gianfranco Mancini rated it it was amazing Shelves: And Eisenhorn is at some points almost unstoppable, but at other points makes serious van that cost him. I am happy to inform you that those beliefs were unfounded and Dan Abnett turns what I expected to be pulpy trash into what is in fact pulpy gold.

Swooped through the last third of the book in one evening, unable to put it aside until it is done. Inquisitor Eisenhorn is one on the most senior members of the Imperial Inquisition.