A partial pulpotomy for traumatic exposures is also called a Cvek Pulpotomy. When a baby tooth or. Pulpotomy is the term for removal of the coronal pulp with the intent of maintaining .. The Cvek pulpotomy procedure involves the removal of contaminated pulp. The partial pulpotomy can offer a superb outcome for the treatment of complicated crown fractures of the young permanent tooth.

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Ferric sulphatesodium hypochlorite [5] [6] or a local anaesthetic solution containing a vasoconstrictor agent can be used to arrest any bleeding from the pulp prior to the placement of medicament. Last updated on Dec 18, When a baby tooth or young permanent tooth is traumatised – say, hitting your teeth on the handlebars of a bike – it can be broken in such a way that the pulp is exposed. Cevk are many medicaments that can be used to fill the pulp chamber including zinc-oxide eugenol as well as mineral trioxide aggregate.

The procedure is often used for traumatic injuries in children where the major aim of treatment is to preserve tooth vitality while providing a favorable environment for continued root development. The remaining coronal cavity pulporomy then restored with a material that provides a long-term hermetic seal. While the literature indicates that pulp exposures of 4 mm or less may have a good prognosis after a Cvek pulpotomy, the prognosis in teeth with pulp exposures of more than 4 mm has not yet been clarified.

Two case reports of complicated permanent crown fractures treated with partial pulpotomies. In cases where root formation is incomplete as during adolescent years pulpotoomy, a partial pulpotomy may keep radicular pulp vital long enough to allow the roots to develop fully.


Dry, sterile cotton pellets are used carefully pulpotomt modest pressure to adapt pulpotom medicament to the prepared cavity and to remove excess water from the paste.

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European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry. In our present case, we performed partial pulpotomy procedure as it was quick and easy to perform.

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It creates a superficial zone of coagulation or necrosis that remains compatible cgek the underlying tissue and isolates the pulp from vigorous effects of the sub-base.

Due to the process of a pulpotomy causing the tooth to become slightly brittle, a stainless steel crown is normally indicated as the preferred choice of definitive restoration.

By raising the local pH environment, calcium hydroxide possibly neutralizes osteoclastic activity and activates the molecules that mediate tissue repair, such as alkaline phosphatases and calcium-dependent ATP-ase. The remaining pulp should continue to be vital after partial pulpotomy. Apicoectomy Endodontic retreatment Endodontic puopotomy Regenerative endodontics Internal bleaching Pulpotomy Pulp capping. However, new research is changing this view.

Lately this status has been challenged by other techniques such as MTA and other materials. Evidence in the literature suggests to treat a permanent tooth with a complicated crown fracture as soon as possible to diminish the possibility of pain and prevent necrosis and infection of the pulp.


Its therapeutic and chemical properties include bacteriostatic and hemostatic activity, acid neutralization and caustic action. Although the ccvek is not conclusive regarding a difference in the outcomes of Cvek pulpotomies in teeth with open or closed apices, it appears that teeth with open apices have a better prognosis.

The partial pulpotomy advocated by Cvek has become a viable alternative for treating pulp exposures in vital teeth with incomplete root end closure [ 2 ].

Pulpotomyy allowed the tooth to maintain its vitality and continue its root development. Long-term follow-up of a complicated crown fracture treated by partial pulpotomy.

A careful technique, paying particular attention to hemorrhage control, material placement and a well-sealed restoration are essential for success.

Damage to the pulp of permanent teeth usually requires a root canal treatment or endodontic therapy.

Pulpotomy – Wikipedia

Cvek examined 60 complicated cek fractures with follow-up times ranging from 14 to 60 months, with an average follow-up of 31 months. In primary teeth medicaments such as formocresol, mineral trioxide aggregatezinc oxide eugenol and calcium hydroxide can be used in pulpotomy. Guideline on management of acute dental trauma. Briefly, after local anaesthesia, the tooth was isolated with rubber dam and saliva ejector. Miomir Cvek, who in reported a high success rate for partial pulpotomies following complicated crown fractures in permanent incisors [ 5 ].

This technique overcomes histological effects of electro-surgery. This page was last edited on 2 Octoberat