CS MOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING. YEAR & SEM: IV & VII Jochen Burkhardt, Pervasive Computing: Technology and Architecture of Mobile. Internet Applications .. Write notes on wireless sessions protocol. 4. Discuss about. The fourth Year,seventh semester Anna University notes for Mobile And Pervasive Computing (Subject Code: CS) is made available. CSMOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING 4) Explain the various applications of mobile computing. . Write notes on wireless sessions protocol. 4.

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Explain Protocol architecture of GSM. State two service primitives offers MAC layer, for data transfer. It devices in one piconet can be member in another piconet.

C# and .NET framework notes | CSE HEARTBREAKERS!

To locate an MS and to address the MS, the following numbers are needed. A Tunnel establishes a virtual pipe for data packets between a tunnel entry mobiel a tunnel endpoint. Happens only in mobile networks. There are two sub layers of physical layer in No replication, but immediate access to data.

Name the advantages and Disadvantages of user acknowledgement in WTP? The products are connected to the internet and the data generate is easily available. Typical wireless networks, the station has to move from one access point to another to provide uninterrupted service. Minimal encapsulation is an optional encapsulation method for mobile IP, which comprises the following fields.



What are the reasons for delays in GSM for packet data traffic? Eliminates all but one of the contenders, if more than one sender has the highest priority. Checksum is an error detecting code based on a summation operation performed on the bits to be checked.

Finally, the yield phase completes the work of the elimination phase with the goal of only one remaining node.

Engineer Portal – Prem Sasi Kumar Arivukalanjiam: CS72 MOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING NOTES

The main security features offered by Bluetooth include a. Differentiate wired networks routing from ad-hoc wireless networks routing. Compare them with IEEE What is the main purpose of the registration in mobile IP? Write short note on Wireless Datagram Protocol.

Ad hoc networks, do not need any infrastructure to work. No difference between fixed and wireless networks. What are the services offered by Bluetooth? This library provides many function jotes handling URLs with the syntax defined inn fielding. Three digital speech channels can be supported simultaneously. Similar to Sc2402, adapted to mobile devices.


For structuring the dialogue between two devices. It is very helpful! The routing in multi-hop ad-hoc network is complicated because. Digital, Circuit or Packet switched.


Explain the concept of IEEE Give the other terms of pervasive computing. Specific routes to end-systems. What is burst and burst error? The Mobil represents the partner for the MN. Explain the agent discovery process in mobile IP.

In what way routing optimization is to be done? State the features of I-TCP. Which are the new components added to GPRS networks? Furthermore, UDP does not behave network friendly, i. L2CAP provides three different types of logical channels are.

What are the types of protocols used in Device Connectivity? This behavior is called fast retransmit. What are the advantages of cellular systems? Thank you so much!!! What are the three classes of transaction services in WTP?

Pervasive devices cannot be used in stand alone mode.