Finding the tough conversations too hard? Struggling to hold others accountable for their performance? Crucial Conversations and. Accountability Skills Training. Our Crucial Conversations training teaches how to discuss high-stake topics in a constructive and effective way on all levels. VitalSmarts Releases Crucial Conversations® Online Training. Now, the dialogue skills from the award-winning training course can be.

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Are there difficulties within your organization that stop you from achieving desired results? You are required to complete the two-day training program before you can start the additional trainer course.

Crucial Conversations Training – VitalSmarts

A troughly enjoyable course. Good mixture of different means to convey the key messages movies, excercises, dialogue, plenary. No improvements from me – it was a highly effective facilitation. This training has a lot of usefull skills, like separate facts from stories. The New York Times Bestseller. The instructor is clear in explaining, can bring theory into practise.

Training Crucial Conversations ®

Great characterisation and delivery. Frankly, almost every day, I have some kind of “crucial” situation. Our two-day Crucial Conversation course teaches you how to have an open dialogue about high-stakes, emotional, and risky topics within every level of your organization. It helped a lot to engage me all the time.

The instructor is engaging and friendly. The tools to embark on Crucial Conversations were very useful.


In that case a crucial conversation is probably holding you back. I have learned a lot, thank you! The trainer is a great communicator, good overall training skills, and well prepared. Excel Polymers case study. Simple, effective theory that was delivered in an engaging way that converstions it to life.

Learning Your Way.

It explained in a clear manner how to handle Crucial Conversations which I have every day. I like group interaction and practical exercises. The instructor asking for feedback often and making sure everyone follows. Crucial Conversations for better results When organizations avoid crucial conversations, because they are too emotional or because coonversations vary, this often conversatkons to declining results.

The make it safe part asking for feedback often and making sure everyone follows. It gives insight in what you’re already doing good and where you can improve in a safe environment. Thank you so much.

Very clearly visualized and verbalized the structure of a Crucial Conversation. Join a VitalSmarts Master Trainer in our facilitated virtual training classroom and learn Crucial Conversations from the comfort of your home or office.

This course is very hulpfull for my daily work, specially when I have a “Crucial Conversation” with my team members. Thank you for your interest.

The trainer has a lot of knowledge, is connecting with all participants, and she has a lot of energy. Crucial Conversations is applicable for all aspects of life business, personal. De instructor has charisma. Leaders are not defined by title or position, rather by their ability to influence others. The instructor explained viralsmarts clear, and is very kind, and really supportive to non-native speakers. Her clear and enthusiastic way of explaining she was really motivated to get across the theory.


The small group and intensive interaction was excellent. The training has a usefull CPR model. Thank You We’ll contact you shortly.

Crucial Conversations Online – VitalSmarts

If we did not convince you just yet about the value of Crucial Conversations for your organization, then you are more than welcome to join one of our inspirational sessions. Excellent training materials, specially the videos that are key to learn about Crucial Conversations.

Balance group more and theory was great. Our training solutions target the unwritten, deep-seated sources of human behavior to help organizations foster conversatioms, spur open communication, develop influential leaders, and increase productivity.

These skills turn in to behaviors that improve decision making, commitment to action, productivity, and relationships. The trainer has humor, and I respect her openess to share personal experiences.

The instructor, her ability viralsmarts involve everyone in the discussies and the use cinversations time. Clear goal, agenda and documentation. Watch as Scott uses a skill we teach in training to state his concerns.