Craniofacial Distraction Osteogenesis by Alexander M. Cherkashin, technique mastered by the lead author, Mikhail L. Samchukov, MD. Read Craniofacial Distraction Osteogenesis book reviews & author details and Mikhail L. Samchukov, MD, Associate Director of Ilizarov Research, Texas. Jason B. Cope, Mikhail L. Samchukov, Alexander M. Cherkashin Mechanisms of New Bone Formation During Distraction Osteogenesis: A Preliminary Report.

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Deformity correction, lengthening, widening, bone transport, and alveolar ridge augmentation of the mandible, midface and upper face, in both congenital and acquired conditions. Mechanotransduction Mechanotransduction is an essential cellular mechanism for bone adaptation to mechanical loading. The future development of craniofacial osteodistraction will almost certainly establish a more complete understanding of the biology of new bone formation under the influence of gradual distraction.

Craniofacial Distraction Osteogenesis – Mikhail L. Samchukov – Google Books

Later, Stader in used mandibular external fixator. Expression of bone morphogenetic protein-2 and proliferating cell nuclear antigen during distraction osteogenesis in the mandible in rabbits. The abundant blood supply of the craniofacial region makes these complications less severe than those occurring in the axial skeleton.

Rosen V, Thies RS. Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Support Center Support Center. Rigid external distraction RED: Cephalometric analysis A variety of cephalometric analyses are available to map the precise location and extent of the deformity. Long-term success of distraction osteogenesis depends on the ability of the surrounding soft tissues to tolerate distraction forces and ddistraction adapt to the resulting increase in skeletal length and volume.

Calcification in biological systems. The strategic errors that might lead to fracture include an inadequate duration of the consolidation period, osteogenseis aggressive functional rehabilitation during remodelling or due to incorrect evaluation of the tissue maturity.

In osteoblasts, physiological levels of strain were shown to result in an altered expression of bone-specific proteins, such as alkaline phosphatase, collagen I, osteopontin, osteocalcin, Runx2 and osterix. Nil Conflict of Interest: Chin M, Toth BA. Distraction osteogenesis of human craniofacial skeleton: The discovery, results and success of distraction osteogenesis DO in the craniofacial skeleton has spurred many surgeons to undertake disteaction technique for correcting craniofacial skeletal deformities.


J Bone Joint Surg. Fractures of the distraction regenerate usually occur during the remodelling period after removal of the distractor. A variety of cephalometric analyses are available to map the precise location and extent of the deformity. As we become more comfortable with mere application of exciting techniques, we will most certainly begin to find more novel uses for it, as well as different iterations of previous uses. Proliferation of masseter myocytes after distraction osteogenesis of the porcine mandible.

Most importantly, mandibular distraction recreates the alveolar ridge with its attached mucosa.

Table 1 Biology Of Distraction: The combination of position and simulated soft tissues affected distraction vector. Segmental mandible regeneration by distraction osteogenesis.

The duration of latency is controversial for facial bone distraction osteogenesis. Due to these limitations, further development of intraoral devices took an alternative approach. They are osteogenezis easy to handle and fixation is done with monocortical screws.

Craniofacial Distraction Osteogenesis

They are light, non-bulky and miniaturized with intraoral distraction ports. External frame distraction osteogenesis of the midface in the cleft patient.

Vessels are disrupted and micro-haematomas are formed. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

The external distractors are placed over the skin surface and common ones are the rigid external distractor and the mandibular external distractors. Do position and soft tissue affect distraction vector? The distraction device should be secured using the anchoring pins and a test distraction should be performed intraoperatively to make sure that the fixation of the distrsction and the osteotomy is complete.

Recent experimental work implications to promote regeneration, formation and maturation in distraction osteogenesis.

Unfavourable results with distraction in craniofacial skeleton

BMPs are craniofacal inducers of osteogenesis both during embryological bone formation and in fracture repair. InChin and Toth reported the first clinical application of vertical mandibular alveolar distraction osteogenesis.


Distraction devices used for craniofacial osteodistraction can generally be classified [ Figure 1 ] into two basic types: This scar appeared as a result of pin tract infection. Author information Copyright and License information Oseogenesis. Molina F, Ortiz Monasterio F. It is the transduction of a local mechanical signal into biochemical signal cascades altering gene expression or protein activation.

Craniofacial Distraction Osteogenesis : Alexander M. Cherkashin :

Using multiple internal devices, the midface and forehead can be distracted in different directions simultaneously. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Many surgeons are however not formally trained in the intricacies of distraction and this may lead to a high number of complications. This group of complications is the result of inadequate tension applied to the forming regenerate tissues.

Treatment planning for DO requires a detailed clinical examination, cephalometric analysis, dental cast analysis and three dimensional computed tomographic 3D CT analysis so that a treatment plan is developed based on occlusive and functional goals. Mandibular reconstruction using wamchukov trifocal bone transport: Several cytokines and transcription factors have been involved in recruitment, differentiation, and proliferation of bony precursors.

A very common cause is soft-tissue entrapment over the exposed threads of the distraction arm in the internal midface devices. Furthermore, Landry et al. The clot is replaced with granulation tissue consisting of inflammatory cells, fibroblasts, collage and invading capillaries. The concept of Distraction Osteogenesis has been osyeogenesis adopted from orthopaedic practice, where bulky extraoral appliances were used.