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The laws were intended to control and cease what some consider blight, and in some cases what I find interesting that, as Phillips reiterates, graffiti is both familiar and unfamiliar My response to this is that, with any culture, there is a range of identities involved and there is bound to be violence when competition enters the scene.

Fear Thy Neighbor as Thyself. I was not alone in this thought at the time and many people continue to feel as I once did about it.

He then determines cragi Britain and the United States have focused primarily on the punishment of these crimes as a deterrent. Not so fast, I finally began to say. And to be fair there is an entire unrestrained range of graffiti writing taking place that is racist, sexist, and is known to go against the unwritten rules of the street, one of which is not hitting religious structures or any places of worship.

This is what I mean by two unfriendly neighbors.

Craig Castleman Los Graffiti Pdf PDF Download

She makes a lot of distinctions between gang graffiti, though, and hip-hop graffiti, which is why it remains interesting and cralg — very little is understood about this medium.

Much of this paranoia seems to be strongly connected to skewed perceptions of what the hip-hop graffiti writers are attempting to communicate.


So the search continued. All of this is to emphasize that, at this point, I have more reason to persist than ever, so I will. It is about 25 minutes and well worth the time to watch if you ever wanted to see what graffiti and hip-hop have to do with education and youth. Subway Graffiti in New York.

Craig Castleman Los Graffiti Pdf PDF Download – Free E-Book Download

I wanted to ask the right questions, as Zizek proposes. He is very clear to emphasize that in contemporary criminology the blame has now been shifted somewhat to the state — not psychological defect — for failing these youth. I am not a judge, jury, ethicist, or comrade. My thoughts were that a critical analysis could be strengthened using castlemsn characters maybe? I was interested to observe how their knowledge was developed, used, and passed onto their communities and to novice writers.

From there I followed the breadcrumbs to more contemporary rhetoric on graffiti dastleman looking at news clips of graffiti clean up and abolition campaigns and their sponsors.

Hip-hop Graffiti & Perspective | Theories of Literacy

As a result I began to wonder about two things that were related to this idea of graffiti as a punishable crime and its castlemab to the literacy crisis. Mainstream media often portrays hip-hop graffiti writers as deviants whose abnormal behavior is due to psychological problems. The idea behind this concept is that, in a neighborhood for example, there is more crime when the houses and buildings have broken windows.

Though, in doing so, this phenomenon remains polarized and in addition, dismissed as insignificant vandalism. I bought into the idea that it was and is still considered a twentieth century gang phenomenon.

Her aim is hraffiti call attention to the issues as they are, with ,os prospect of lessening the paranoia that surrounds the graffiti-gang persona 4. I still thought of graffiti as sloppily spray-painted slogans that included racist, sexist, quasi-political, and pornographic words and images…graffiti to me was vandalism, no question about it, and its social cralg was negligible… casleman To craiv Some would argue that the wording and profile has changed because hip-hop graffiti writers are now being identified as white, middle-class kids with too much time on their hands.


There is something to be said about my choice of keywords and genre. Well I was wrong to some degree. She addresses her own fears as well. I really like the connections she makes between writers and artists of the past and writers and artists of the present. Working through novels, newspaper articles, and arguments on both sides of the proverbial coin I still had only small glimpses of the bigger picture.

Hip-hop graffiti writers are a very strong presence in this puzzle.

There are plenty of reasons to think this is what I am saying though it is not accurate. Anxiety sets in when there is this expectation to rigidly stick to an idea, though with this series of starts and stops in my research process I began to wonder why people saw hip-hop graffiti writers as educationally disadvantaged castlejan any other stereotype associated with popular culture.

My research always seems to take me back to James Gee and Discourse. Anyway, the picture I referred to earlier has begun to come into focus little by little, though there continue to be entire days spent veering off into minimally related areas that enhance the blur.