Title: CORMORAN – Catalogo Ingles, Author: JOHNNY LARRI, Name: CORMORAN for below reels Axos 12PiF Axos 12PiF Axos 12PiF This sunny self-catering apartment is top class and offers guests direct access to the walkway and beach itself. Enquire online today for more information!. 30 31 32 33 SPECIAL REELS A REEL CONCEPT OF IT`S OWN Braided lines are ideally for the AXOS 12PiF as it shows a real power.

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Rear drag reel The perfect reel for match and float fishing as well as for trout fishing at ponds and lakes. The SEACOR BR Jigger provides saltwater resistant ball bearings, a deep aluminium spool for monofile lines and a shallow super strong aluminium spool for braided qxos ideal: A main principle of our work is to give every reel a distinctive character.

The special Super Jet long cast system provides amazing casting distances. Pleasant, that it is used hanging like a fixed reel spool. Fly reelModern Large Arbor fly reel with a stainless steel shaft. The 4 spool sizes cover all kinds of spin, bottom cororan float fishing.

By using the free spool lever the pirk will immediately drop to the bottom without having to open the bail. The rear drag discs are extra large to achieve a prefect drag function. Easy to adjust by its big drag knob.


For right or left hand use.

It is not only the design, made by our German designers but also the function and the features that make this series special. Multi disk spool drag is very sensitive and presicely adjustable.

Super strong drag construction with carbon fibre drag cromoran, that shows no weakness during fighting the biggest fish. For us every reel is a challenge we like to work with! Turning the fighting drag to the left The drag power slightly decreases. Turn the fighting drag to the right The drag power increases the further you turn it.

CORMORAN – Carretes Ingles – [PDF Document]

Put the drag cirmoran down the spool is set free. The rear drag is oversized to provide perfect drag function. The free-spool facility can be adjusted in a wide range- fishing in strong current or on long distance is therefore troublefree and easy.

Here we offer it in a quality that makes fishing far away from any tackle shop possible. The perfect line lay allows accurate and long casts, dropping the cormorab even in very long distances. Once you experienced the benefits, you never want to miss them again. The drag is finely adjustable and the axis disc drag construction is reliable and exact. Great jigging and sea fishing reel with power gear, aluminium spool and CNC cut aluminium handle.

Delivered with 2 shallow aluminium spools.

Right hand versionMultiplier reel for Norway anglers. The amazing smooth rotation and its power makes you realize that this reel is outstanding to others.


Reel Axos-12PiF Cormoran (2000, 2500, 3000)

Developed by specialists for specialists with all technical refinements demanded by dedicated anglers. For the ambitious predator- and coarse angler.

A saltwater resistant body completes this wonderful piece for sea fishing. It can be adjusted quickly and presicely coemoran 6 different setting points.

Great quality price ratio! Turn the handle shortly and the free spool system is automatically disengaged. Superb economic free spool reel with reliable quality similar to much more expensive free spool reels. Overload is virtually impossible with this power machine. Great MINI front drag reel. This new carp free spool reel takes this challenge and copes easily with unpredictable situations fighting huge carp and pike.

Ideal for pike, perfect for ckrmoran fishing and especially suited for seabass, when long distance casts are essential. Ideal Feeder fishing reel.

Very modern design and excep-tional features. Developed for demanding spin anglers, who set value on quality and design. Low-Power Setting Push the fighting drag lever to the left of the the middle position and adjust the drag with the drag knob.

The small size is perfect for the bolo rod and for fine trout fishing.