Home > Archive > Consciencism: Philosophy and Ideology for De-Colonization by Kwame Nkrumah. Author: Kwame Nkrumah. Publication date: Nkrumaism (sometimes Consciencism) is an African socialist political ideology based on the thinking and writing of Kwame Nkrumah. Nkrumah, a pan-Africanist . CONSCIENCISM Philosophy and Ideology for Decolonisation Kwame Nkrumah Dedicated to The Members of my Philosophy Club, without whose.

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Indeed, it is only in the philosophy of mathematics, in the generation of critical numbers, that conditions are given for a categorial leap in the generation of numbers. The facts of Greek society were not in accord with this.

While each social system has a supporting ideology, a revolutionary ideology seeks to introduce a new social system. As a conscincism, it affirms the existence of matter independent of knowledge by mind. Kwame Nkrumah PC was a Ghanaian politician and revolutionary. Aristotle was a champion of some form of democracy.

Consciencism Philosophy and Ideology for de-Colonization

The basic consideration is whether this raw material is finite or infinite. And yet the early history of philosophy shows it to have had living roots in human life and human society. The finitude or infinitude of the world is logically incapable of experimental exposure. The Jesuits touched new of heights violence and raillery when they dealt with the libertins, who naturally did not turn the other cheek but delivered their ripostes with the full edge of their wit, accusing the schoolmen of forgery, vanity, emptiness and uselessness.

The democracy of the Greeks was a democracy which was supported in the main by slave nkruumah. Socrates consequently made it his duty to destroy this form of the Protagoran maxim. It is important to see clearly the nature of the swing that had thus taken place. By reason of their lack of contact with their own roots, they became prone to accept some theory of universalism, provided it was expressed in vague, mellifluous terms. It is said, by way consviencism expansion, that if light did not strike the eye, an image form on the retina, etc.


Indeed, Thales himself was bourgeois in his actual political life. It is besides common for practice to fall short of the demands of theory. Philosophy, in understanding human society, calls for an analysis of facts and events, and an attempt to see how they fit into human life, and so how they make up human experience. The ten years which I spent in the United States of America represents a crucial period in the development of my philosophical conscience.

For, in those nktumah days, the religious life was one of the cardinal concerns of human existence. nkruamh

In the philosophy of Berkeley, empiricism appears to be endorsed, consciencis, is in fact strictly speaking denied. I am not saying, however, that this is the only way to look at consciejcism. It has not been my conscirncism to argue that all the early precursors of our modern philosophers in trying to modify or support a modification of society conceived this in terms of egalitarianism.

If propositions belonging to the system are nkrmah parallel to items of the universe, if the admitted rules of inference are made parallel to the objective laws of matter, and if the initial set of axioms is made parallel to initial matter, then the completeness of the axiom system becomes parallel to the constructibility from matter, according to its objective laws, of all the supervening items of the universe.

It was necessary for Descartes to single out what he could not coherently doubt in order to peg his existence on it.

Their weakness as species of metaphysics rests in their lifelessness. One might unwarily think that the assertion of the sole or even primary reality of matter in the face of the above hard facts betrays an unwarranted intrepidity in face of paradox and categorial absurdity. To these priesthoods was assigned the power of passing and executing sentence at their discretion, especially on those who were accused of vonsciencism.

In the dialectic of thought, a cardinal idea is introduced, and it is worked out in considerable detail. When a crisis results in an advance, it is its nature to perpetrate a leap. It is only through some occult reasoning that physics can be used to locate the external world inside our mind. Though one may not wish to deny that Descartes could indeed have been physically deformed, indeed even hideously deformed, one must I think, cnosciencism maintain that disincarnation is not a physical deformity!


University Press of America. In saying, therefore, that a cojsciencism constitution is the natural way of organizing a society, he was claiming perfection for it.

Consciencism: philosophy and ideology for decolonisation – Kwame Nkrumah – Google Books

Both in metaphysics and in theory of knowledge, it does not allow the differences to become fundamental and irreducible. Nor is it even possible to construct a model of the universe, for any model is itself a conscjencism of the universe, whereas it is a logical characteristic of any model that it must stand apart from that which it seeks to illumine; it cannot form a part of it.

The pronoun in this sentence is a mere subject of a sentence, and does conscienxism refer to any object or group of objects which is raining. This transposition became a tour de force in the political philosophy of John Locke.

The interdependence of the members of society implies the illegitimacy of the pursuit of sectional interests above the common good, or the achievement of the latter as a mere by-product of the pursuit of the former.

I started this sketch of Western philosophical thought from a time in the history of its Greek founders when an aristocratic class, assisted by a priestly oligarchy, held the sum total of social-political power.

There was consequently no need to continue to explain the world by reference to the gods.