Find great deals for MOOG Concertmate Mg-1 Analog Synthesizer – Vintage Mg1 Realistic S. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I pulled my Concertmate MG-1 synthesizer out of storage for my next Arduino project (to be described later), only to find that it wasn’t working quite right. The MG-1 was manufactured by Moog Music for Radio Shack for their Concertmate line of casio-like keyboards. However, the MG-1 is a true Moog, somewhere.

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Moog Concertmate MG-1

It is a common misconception that the Poly tones concertmatte not affected by the Contour settings. Pin 5 of the receives the contour signal to provide the attack and decay when you press a key.

This allows the creation of Saw- and Ramp- waves, as well as asymmetrical Triangle waves and unusual trapezoids, not otherwise found through modulating with the LFO alone. It is also somewhat infamous in analog synth circles for having black polyurethane foam insulating the interior which did not keep well over time, turning into a black sludge which clogs the various moving parts in the synth so much so that entire replacement switches and faders can be bought on eBay, specifically for this synth.

The MG-1 was produced in great quantities for distribution in the consumer market. Radio Shack were marketing this synth to the home-keyboard crowd. However, the MG-1 is a true Moog, somewhere between a slimmed down Liberationand a Moog Roguewith a few extra stuff thrown in.

The MG-1 in the Present Still, this synthesizer is sought-after as an inexpensive way to get the famed “Moog Bass” sounds. Why stereo phono plugs? Views Read Edit View history. I removed the circuit board, soldered in the new CA, got the switches centered just right so the circuit board could be replaced, and put it back together.

This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat The similar Moog Rogue came after the MG The picture below shows the two main circuit boards. There are RCA inputs and outputs the input is routed straight to the output for playing along with music from your stereo system but no external speakers as in most other home marketed synthesizers.


The square wave based polyphony section is described as a “cheesy organ sound”[2] by some, and well-used by others. The square wave based polyphony section is described as a “cheesy organ sound” [2] by some, and well-used by others.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Concertmate MG-1 Production period: Very basic and easy to use, this is a nice cheap way to get your hands on Moog sounds!

It is a lot like the strap-on Moog Liberation in its design and architecture and also looks and sounds very much like the Moog Rogue. Additionally there is a simple Ring-Mod effect called ‘Bell’.

Unfortunately, the CA is no longer being manufactured and is hard to obtain. The colour scheme is more appealing and vibrant and helps distinguish easily between sections, again for an easier understanding by the general public not familiar with analog synthesizers.

The CA is not a normal amplifier but an operational transconductance amplifier, an unusual amplifier where the current on a control input controls the amplification of the input signal more info. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It sounded suspiciously like a DC signal being applied to a speaker.

Create an account or sign in to leave a review You need to be a member in order to leave a review Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Date Produced – If there’s a DC offset between the input pins 2 and 3, there will be an amplified DC offset at the output.

View the discussion thread. This posting briefly describes how I fixed it, in case anyone else has a similar problem. A simple ASR attack, sustain, release envelope called ‘Contour’ can be applied to both the amp and the filter. Realistic Radio Shack Room: These are some nice synth hits and bass lines from this cheap Moog. Realistic Moog Concertmate MG-1 oscillator problem i just received this beast several days ago and it was working obscenely well.


The rest of the modulation, including the sample-and-hold, will affect the Polyphonic Signal via the filter section.

AstromanDELFHigh LlamasElton John As far as we know, he never actually used the unit, but through some arcane contractual issue was obligated to have his picture taken with it. The upper board is the sound generation, filtering, and amplification, while the lower board has the power supply, keyboard, control, concertmat polyphonic sound.

For other uses, see MG1 disambiguation.

It was produced without some standard Moog features, such as pitch and modulation wheels, as a cost-cutting measure aimed at achieving a cconcertmate price for the consumer market. Sign In Sign Up.

MOOG Concertmate Mg-1 Analog Synthesizer – Vintage Mg1 Realistic S | eBay

Newer Post Older Post Home. Because it was originally distributed in Radio Shack stores instead of specialized music stores, it is easily found and is usually less expensive than a Rogue despite actually offering more.

When a key is released the polyphony tone for that key stops immediately. Unique Modulation Options Although this keyboard is often erroneously described as having “less” features than its Moog siblings, the Liberation and the Rogue, there is a patch which only the MG-1 can do: Retrieved from ” https: The MG-1 was produced in great quantities for distribution in the consumer market.

Both models share exactly the same plastic casing, but are different machines in many respects.