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They can also make excellent Caster bunkers for your necromancers to hide in so they never get shot to death or challenged. Bump it up to the 1,k range, and suddenly Lord-level wizards are more common. Be careful though, because they are Flyers they’re also Skirmishers. Not bad, but considering you generally have lower WS than most enemies, not super useful except possibly to prevent poison and killing blow.

They are one of two heavy Cavalry units in the army.

Book army Warhammer choice V8 OOP-Version french | eBay

The most expensive core option available at 10 points. Vampire Heroes and Generals You will want at least two characters that have lore of vampires in any game over points; this not only doubles your chance to channel but also gives you much needed redundancy in the army. Mostly a vampies magic item, especially for the army of badass heroes who heal the fuck out of themselves.

Orks, da lucky stikk lets you reroll rolls to wound, rolls to hit and saving throws for the whole unit only the bearer suffers if things go wrong. But this won’t really save you from dispelling, and on phases you aren’t casting many spells it’s wasted. Work best with a Mortis Engine if the thing doesn’t get blown up and Invocation spam from a caster using them as a bunker.


Healing Potion 35 points, one use. But skeletons on the other hand are well made and vampifes really good. The main problem with this spell is, since the Magic Phase is after the Movement Phase, you must be already in Close Combat for it to do any good. Expensive spell, but holy shit will it devastate.

Vargheists are your friend if you like blitzkrieg tactics. The expensive, damage-dealing alternative to the spirit hosts.

codex comtes vampires pdf download

Being able to read how a combat is going to resolve is a very important skill to learn for these armies. Please note that bloodlines have next to no effect on the game as it is now, they’re vampirees entirely for fluff reasons, so you can have two completely separate bloodlines on the field without any issues.

It can entirely miss anything however, so it does have some added comges. Just make sure you’re really getting your points worth. Death Shriek has an 8″ range that requires Line of Sight oddly enough and can target something regardless of if you or it are in Close Combat. If you took a Vamp with Flying Horror this can be situationally useful, but as is?

Strigoi are a newer Bloodline, introduced in 6e. Being able to cast every spell in the Lore allows you much more freedom in your Lord choice because your strategy is no longer determined by which spells you roll out of Vampires. Not a bad choice.

The only problem with this spell is the chance of it fading and the possibility of consuming yourself on top of the high cast value. Here’s your best choice from the magic armor. The way his army is described can’t be fielded by the Vampire Counts army vampjres. Because they are only three points.


Codex comtes vampires v8 pdf

You want to guarantee that you vamppires this spell in every commtes, even if it means taking the Book of Arkhan in every. You also can end up with a shit load of channeling dice to role in big games.

Your army is Unbreakable, once again there’s no reason to take this. EtherealTerror, Undead. Run the wolves in front of the Vargheists to screen them so they don’t charge anything you don’t want them to. They compete with Empire Outriders and High Elf Swordmasters for the title of premier glass cannons; these guys do pack considerable punch at break-neck speed.

Being able to field multiple Level 2 Vampire front-line casters is very, very handy. A fun gimmick against things like the Empire and Bretonnia, but it’s wasted if your enemies are immune.

It can also take Rancid Maw for 15 points which grant it Poisoned Attacks not for it’s Thunderstomp though.

Armour of Silvered Steel: Can be boosted to affect a bubble around the wizard. Instead use the bits and bobs in that kit to build a Mortis Engine. Tactica hommes gampires v8 strategie ancien reglement.

Ordinary in all regards. The main benefit of this Lore comfes for low survivability armies or against highly armored armies, and as such this is a good Lore for VC.

Take if if you’re on a budget with your blender Vampire Lord, but if that’s the case why are you trying to make a blender lord?