Green coffee scale, which has recently established in Western Australia, is considered to be an important pest of citrus and other fruit production. Green coffee. Coccus viridis was also reported as a pest in India at the end of the nineteenth century and has continued to cause problems for coffee growers, particularly in. Authors Ronald F. L. Mau, Extension Entomologist Jayma L. Martin Kessing, Educational Specialist Department of Entomology Honolulu.

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Management Back to Top Chemical control: Current Biotica, 9 3: In Pests of Coffee.

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In south Florida, the length of time that passed from the egg to egg-depositing maturity viridls the late summer months was from 50 to 70 days Fredrick Body oval to elongate oval; flat to slightly convex in lateral view ; body light green, often transparent, usually with a U-shaped or V-shaped pattern in the middle of the body formed by black spots; not turning dark with age; without an obvious wax covering; ovisac absent.

Green scale appears in a rather definite pattern on citrus leaves. Occurring on arboreal parts of plant, particularly the undersides of leaves.

The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. Two species of Coccus other than C. Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need. Malumphy C; Treseder K, Green coffee scale Coccus viridis Hemiptera: This scale is often associated with ants which feed on the honeydew excreted and defend the insects virkdis attack by predators such as lady beetles. Don’t need the entire report? Ants protect the green scales from lady beetles and other predators.


The green scale has a wide host range consisting of vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops Mau and Kessing Alpinia purpurata red ginger.

This insect is also referred to as the coffee green scale. Economic Importance Back to Top This tropical soft scale may occur on cultivated hosts in commercial nurseries, resulting in a quarantine of the infested plants until the scale is under control.

Coccus viridis infected by V. This pest is especially damaging to young trees in the first two years after transplanting Mau and Kessing Further details cocus be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report.

Some preliminary investigations of the green scale, Coccus viridis Greenin south Florida. Datasheet Coccus viridis soft green scale.

Eggs hatch into crawlers that wander around the plant or disperse to other hosts. A mature female lays whitish oval eggs and keeps them underneath her body to protect them.

Coccus viridis – Wikipedia

There are three nymphal stages before becoming an adult, each stage being larger and more convex than the previous stage Mau and Kessing Waterhouse, ; EPPO, European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization. The nymphs shed their skin three times and each instar is larger and more convex than the previous one.


Another research study conducted in viriris field found a positive correlation between the presence of ants on host plants and the success of green scale insects. All plant material going into the greenhouse should be thoroughly inspected for scales and other insects before being introduced Copland and Ibrahim She usually chooses the underside of a leaf and adult scales may often be seen in a line on both sides of the midrib and beside the lateral veins.

Coccus viridis (soft green scale)

This scale is susceptible to a number of pesticides including carbarylmalathionmethomyl and volck oil. Click here for a Catalog. Virodis usually minor, can be extremely devastating depending on place and crop. Without the ants the green scale is more vulnerable to predation by beetles Mau and Kessing The foccus effect of this was an increase in scale reproductive success and the indirect effect was a decrease in scale mortality resulting from the removal of predators and a decrease in parasitism rates.

In Biological Pest Control: Coccus viridis is a soft scale insect in the family Coccidae with a wide host range.