I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get Coach Sommer has named all the exercises in his material, himself. Christopher Sommer’s amazing new courses, Foundation One and Handstand Foundation One and Handstand One are available at The bulk of their progress came before Foundation, using mostly their To expand on one of your points, “Coach” Sommer’s argument that.

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Stamina takes time to build!


Unfortunately I was already becoming a slightly vocal critic and had started to look for information from other sources, including from someone that he had already cast out from his circle. Every 4th week is a scheduled deload week, hence why the reps are reduced. Off the top of my head, I was training 4 days a week on average. It was all a bit weird to me.

Did you do the fundamentals? If your schedule permitted you could also include the GB Thoracic Bridge series for additional shoulder girdle mobility if you wanted to really target the shoulders.

Ok, the key here is that you have told me you have poor mobility. Progressions and explanations are far more helpful, which is what the books offer. From people being literally tapped on the shoulder to “Join Coach at lunch for a conversation on GB” to him telling us how successful we could be if we paid into his affiliateship.


Tim, you mentioned everybody should check their labs more often than they have their car checked …. Rather it is the copious amounts of associated stretching, which could easily be added to a weight lifting programme. However whenever I would use them, my lack of mobility gymnasticbpdies result in me eventually getting injured.

The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

The stretches that are paired with each exercise as active rest are amazing. Like Liked by 5 people. Any movement into deep hip founration I thought you would want to engage lats, lower traps to stabilize thoracic spine and load glutes…. There are other pieces there on the blog that give insight as to why we do the things we do, and why we are committed to explicitly open learning systems.

If you know the GST shapes, have a little strength and a relatively creative and intelligent mind you can start on BtGB progressions. Surely hyper extending your lower back looks very similar to an anterior pelvic tilt?

Ask around, shop around.

Gymnastic Bodies & Christopher Sommer Review | GMB Fitness

Crossfit hasn’t been around for that long and I think that they make no secret around the background of some of its athletes. Love the ones that are long and packed full of great info like this.

Is there any way you can share the knee program? What does he think happens at the bottom of a barbell squat?

Gymnastic exercises for strength

I have xommer seminars, both old and new, and consider myself friends with many in that community including Natterman, Doge, Yuri and several others who were highly involved. Hard work and dedication aside, if we were all able to excel then we’d all be on the Olympics insert appropriate achievement here podium. Fast forward to today everything on GB has stagnated except for a few updates once in a while and the public forums are near death. Ready to set another goal! Hi Joel, Cheers for your comment — I did 4 days a week on F1.


What was the biggest mistake and best idea you ever had in life? I had osteochondral fragments in my left knee. Big money difference too three times the cost. Whenever you fail your reps, in any exercise, you can gymnastichodies to these tables as a pathway to success. Please share examples of movements which can be performed on the field of play with a stiff spine as I am not aware of any. I pm’ed you back, but if you make a new post with all the information and tag me, then other people may benefit from my advice as well.

What books should I read? I seriously doubt it. Feeling soo inspired to start my gymnastics training this summer!