CMIE does offer the raw data of Prowess too. This isavailable from s. In this setup,the user has complete freedom to. Visit 2. Use the Download Prowess IQ link on the right panel to download the Prowess IQ setup file. 3. Execute the downloaded. Prowess: Download ProwessIQ user interface (Client Software) for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies. You can install it on.

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A pure database vendor would refrain from straying toofar from providing data feeds.

And, companies that have subsidiaries or asso-ciate companies are required to publish the Consoli-dated financial statements in addition to the Standalonefinancial statements. Theprocess of winding up a company is so time-consumingand complex that they are often left unclosed even ifthere are no operations.

And, it keeps findingnew applications in new companies. But,in absolute terms it is always lower. At the other end of the spectrum rpowess a world where thedevelopers decide various views of the data and makethese available through a browser on the web. The count of companies in a panel beginning in a year isthe inverse of the count of companies in a panel endingin a year.

How-ever, the exploitation of this advantage was in partialabeyance as the services sector led the growth in thetwo decades.

Yet, the coverage in Prowess is signifi-cant as it covers a fairly large proportion of the businessconducted in India. Evidently, the Prowess database is not sourced fromany one single source.

Each name is mapped to an appropriateand unique business entity. Prowess Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy6 IntroductionAggregation of data tutoriap multiple companies is futorial a straightforward issue. There has been a decline in the number financial com-panies releasing their quarterly financial statementssince March Users may have a much simpler demand on thedatabase.


The Prowess database has evolved to incorporate thesechanges in disclosures. Such informationis also available in Prowess.

Prowess Resource Tutorial – [PDF Document]

The database has been built by CMIE an-alysts through a rich process of normalisation. About 1, to 1, private limited companies arecovered in Prowess for each of the recent years. Various classifications andcodes that are assigned to the company by CMIEand various other organisations such as the StockExchanges are also stored here and we describethe background of the company here.

Prowess is a database that is made available for usethrough several means.

There is a lot that goes behind the makingof an aggregate. Every company has a unique registered office. At one end of the spectrum is a world where the userhas access to all the underlying data of Prowess withno software development from CMIE. A hole tutoral the time-series can also be caused by a com-pany if it chooses to extend its accounting period be-yond the usual 12 months.

Prowessalso provides several plots that help the user un-derstand the companys performance. Standardised classificationThe Prowess database standardises the classifica-tion of the various pieces of information availablein Annual Reports. The algorithm to create a dataset foraggregation was honed by CMIE analysts for internaluse and this was then ported to ttuorial desktop Prowess.

Central Library IIT Bombay | CMIE Database

A lot of this information is pub-lished by the listed companies in their Annual Reportsand it is duly captured in the Prowess database. Prowess creates and stores the formu-lae for these for the convenience of the user.

Lack of thisknowledge can, at times, lead to unnecessary doubts re-garding the reliability of the Prowess database. The status such as listed ornot listed is checked only in one year and not in eachyear of the time-span. Such companies appearin the Annual Reports of the parent companies in oneyear and may disappear in the next. Prior tolisted companies wererequired to publish six-monthly financial statements. This is, to a great extent, becausethe larger companies have always been well-covered inProwess.


It hasany ptowess corresponding to every change in the number ofoutstanding shares for each company.

CMIE is first, an in-tensive user of the Prowess database. This makes the rawdata contained in them non-comparable for anyserious analysis.

Prowess Resource Tutorial

Prowess deliversa large and well normalised database. But, since the proportion of man-ufacturing companies in the total companies has beendeclining, the increase in the count is smaller than theincrease seen in all companies. Batches simplify your work enormously whenyou have to undertake a task repeatedly.

Normalisation is the pro-cess of transforming data that comes from het-erogeneous sources into a standardised formatto enable meaningful comparisons over time andacross companies. The listpresented above therefore, may not be exhaustive.

There is atop view of the Income and Expenditure Statement andthe Assets and Liabilities Statement that provides thebroad outline of the finances. Composition of the Board of Directors and thedates of their various meetings, names of sub-sidiaries, auditors and related party-transactionsare the other kinds of information related to Gov-ernance that are available in Prowess.