Bishop Kaye (Some Account of the Writings and Opinions of Clement of Alexandria, p. 48) translates, “receiving from man that which made man (that on account. Title: The Instructor (Paedagogus). Author: Clement, of Alexandria, Saint, approximately approximately Link: HTML with commentary at CCEL. Paedagogus by Clement of Alexandria. Also spelled “Pædagogus”, originally παιδαγωγός in Greek, commonly translated as “The Instructor” or.

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Man may, though naked in body, address the Lord.


We, then, on our journey to the truthmust be unencumbered. Let your eyes look straight, and your eyelids wink right. Reproaching foul adulteryhe showed the fair image of chastity in affection to her husband. Further, to him that asked, What good thing shall I do, that I may inherit eternal life? Neither, then, should we be idle altogether, nor completely fatigued.


For, as in the case of the soldier, the sailor, and the ruler, so also the proper dress of the temperate man is what is plain, becoming, and clean. And let not men, therefore, spend their time in barbers’ shops and taverns, babbling nonsense; and let them give alexanddia hunting for the women who sit near, and ceaselessly talking slander against many to raise a laugh. Exercise yourselves unto godliness: Nor did the sleepless guard of humanity observe their licentiousness in silence; but dissuading us from the imitation of them, and training us up to His own temperanceand falling on some sinners, lest lust being unavenged, should break loose from all the restraints of fearordered Sodom to be burned, pouring forth a little of the sagacious fire on licentiousness; lest lustthrough want of punishment, cleemnt throw wide the gates to those that were rushing into voluptuousness.

The Instructor (Paedagogus), by Clement of Alexandria | The Online Books Page

And if we are called to the kingdom of Godlet us walk worthy of the kingdom, loving God and our neighbour. If, then, the Lord counts the natural beauty of the body inferior to that of the soulwhat thinks He of spurious beauty, rejecting utterly as He does all falsehood?

Oof neither are we allowed to diversify our dress. If you see the naked cover him. What still remains we shall subjoin; for examples are of no small moment in determining to salvation. For allowance paedagoyus sometimes be made in favour of those women who have not been fortunate in falling in with chaste husbands, and adorn themselves in order to please their husbands.


A possession which is acquired with iniquity becomes less. You shall not commit adultery. Wherefore this redundance ought to be liquefied and dispersed for digestion, by which beauty acquires its ruddy hue. Be not deceived; God is not mocked. It is right, then, for men to repose confidence in their wives, and commit the charge of ov household to them, as they are given to be their helpers in this.

Without, the sepulchre appears beautiful, but within it is full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness. By and by he is anointed, delighting in the beard on which descended the prophetic ointment with which Aaron was honoured. If you bring fine flour, the vain oblation is an abomination to me. Temperance is pure and simple; since purity is a habit which ensures pure conduct unmixed with what is base.

Do they happen to be black? It was a cake of barley and a jar of alexandrai. But to return [to God] after sinning is characteristic not of any man, but only of a man of worth. In fine, I know not how To whisper, nor effeminately, To walk about with my neck awry, As I see others — lechers there In numbers in the city, with hair plucked out. The shaving of the chin to the skin is reprehensible, approaching to plucking out the hair and smoothing. A fair provision for the journey to heaven is theirs who bear frugality with chaste gravity.

You shall not worship idols. And the mode of cleansing, the Word subjoined, saying, by the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning.

And loveaccording to the apostle, suffers long, and is kind; envies not; vaunts not itself, is not puffed up. Bridle of untamed colts, Wing of unwandering birds, sure Helm of babes, Shepherd of royal lambs, assemble Your simple children to praise holily, to hymn guilelessly with innocent mouths, Christ the guide of children.

With very sharp censure, accordingly, the comic poet Philemon says: For we are not to delineate the faces of idolswe who are prohibited to cleave to them; nor a sword, nor a bow, following as we do, peace; nor drinking-cups, being temperate. And how do you love yourself, if you do not love life? And contentment is a habit which dispenses with superfluities, and, that there may be no failure, is receptive of what suffices for the healthful and blessed life according to the Word.


But a true eunuch is not one who is unable, but one who is unwilling, to indulge in pleasure. The other people is the Gentile — useless; this is the people that follows not Christ.

For in a way the body drinks, like trees, not only by the mouth, but also over the whole body in bathing, by what they call the pores. But it was not the beauty of the flesh visible to the eye, but the true beauty of both soul and body, which He exhibited, which in the former is beneficence; in the latter — that is, the flesh — immortality.

And he who also in this emulates Moses — Plato best of all — approves of that texture on which not more than a chaste woman’s work has been employed. Let spectacles, therefore, and plays that are full of scurrility and of abundant gossip, be forbidden. For on whom does the presbyter lay his hand?

Nor must we bathe always; but if one is a little exhausted, or, on the other hand, filled to repletion, the bath is to be forbidden, regard being had to the age of the body and the season of the year. Men play the part of womenand women that of mencontrary to nature; women are at once wives and husbands: To the judges He says, You shall not show partiality in judgment. Acquire me rather than gold, and precious paedagogux, and silver; for my produce padagogus better than choice silver.

The Paedagogus (The Instructor)

For the love meant is the love of God. Although in later editionscorrections and additions were appended, the author was of the opinion that this predecessor was not attentive enough to the meaning of Clement’s text and to the textual problems involved.

For sometimes, when they have been behaving shamefully, the appearance of hoary hairs, arriving like an instructor, has changed them to sobriety, and paralyzed juvenile lust with the splendour of the sight. No one would, I say, voluntarily choose to do this.