Chrono Cross (Japanese: クロノ・クロス) is the sequel to Chrono Trigger. for numbering the subfiles of compound filetypes, so I’ve used the briefest one. Hello! Good news from the Chrono Compendium, for those of you who have been following along. Thanks to Gemini and Ramsus at the forums. (Chrono Cross). File type: Rich Text File .rtf) [Download] Lost Fragments of the Past (Chrono Cross) – by nievelion Lost Fragments Chrono Cross OST.

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NPCs are loaded in real time, though this does create some minor issues we have not yet solved. Yasunori Mitsuda Interview from 1UP.

Retrieved March 16, crosw I assume you meant when he was evil, though, since while I did I hope capture Wazuki’s personality, there wasn’t any glorifying of him–on the contrary he was constantly down on himself for what he had been made to do.

Elements can be purchased from shops or found in treasure chests littered throughout areas. A backup for 3. Yes, that should be a qualified “everything. Serge continues to the top of Terra Tower and defeats the Dragon God.


Accordingly, Chrono Cross is not Chrono Trigger 2. Want more Chrono Trigger? Click Index to find the result, and click the link. Not much so far it seems, but that is par for the course with written works on FA. Battles are turn-based, allowing the player infinite time to select an action from the available flletype. Main Gallery submissions. Serge regroups his party and tends to Kid, who remains comatose.

Fan reaction was largely positive, though certain fans complained that the game was a far departure from its predecessor, Chrono Trigger ; Chrono Cross broke convention by featuring more characters, fewer double and triple techs, fewer instances of time travel, and few appearances of Trigger characters and locations.


I don’t know if I could’ve stood another knife in Wazuki’s heart. After this begins my ModelMine2 file, which contains Kid’s suspected battle model and weapon model data.

If you’re interested in the Chrono series and have done filety;e research, post on the forums or e-mail chronocompendium gmail. Portrayed as willful and tomboyish due to her rough, thieving past, she helps Serge sneak into Viper Crlss in order to obtain the Frozen Flame. Without setting the proper values in memory, Chrono Trigger will typically crash after just a few NPC loads. I loved Lynx’s scene with Riddell. His father took him to find assistance at Marbule, but Serge’s boat blew off course due to a raging magnetic storm caused by Schala.

Good news from the Chrono Compendium, for those of you who have been following along.

We didn’t want to directly extend Chrono Filwtype into a sequel, but create a new Chrono with links to the original. Characters with stamina below one point must wait to take action. If possible, use Windows Update instead as it filetye take into account your Windows version and language. Updated init can get you on your feet in no time. A few bits were either new additions or my own interpretations of characters and events, but in most cases I was remaining true to the events of the game and what we know to be true courtesy of Kato.

The Modification wiki depends on volunteer contributors to add new information or tutorials. Schala and Lavos became unified into one even more powerful entity that would evolve dhrono the Devourer of Time.

In the meantime, the six Dragons had sent Harle forth to gain possession of the Flame. Trademark Applications and Registration Retrieval.

We also said things like ‘we need at least one powerful mom’, ‘no way we’re gonna go without a twisted brat’, and so on so forth. Please check this topic in case a more up-to-date version has been released. You see, FATE calculated that you would one day cross the dimensions and try to make contact with the Flame.


Really basic stuff on my part. TMD comparison with these as well as take a look at the LZSS compression documentation on Qhimm’s wiki to see if I can find clues as to whether this stuff is compressed.

After the header, the drp will provide num pointers to the beginnings of the files inside the lump.

A group of resourceful programmers are creating a N64 Emu version of the game. It alone can combine the sounds of the planet that the six types of Elements produce! For example, the First “Weapon Model” listed below is described as bytes long.

If taken to the world opposite their own, characters react to their counterparts if available. A drp file filefype a byte header, a series of internal file pointers, and then a glob of files, each with its own individual byte header.

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Able to return to Another world, Serge allies with the Acacia Dragoons against Porre and locates that dimension’s Dragon Fileype, allowing him to return to his crosss form. The data for the file begins immediately after the end of the header and runs until the header for the next file in the lump that is, the address pointed to by the next pointeror to the end of the drp if it is the last file.

I won’t say the ‘best’ Chronobut If you can’t accept that, then I’m sorry to say this but I guess your Chrono and my Chrono have taken totally different paths.