Buy Je pense trop: Comment canaliser ce mental envahissant: Written by Christel Petitcollin, Edition, (Guy Tredaniel editeur) Publisher: Guy Tredaniel. About the Author. Christel Petitcollin est Conseil et Formatrice en communication et développement personnel, conférencière et écrivain. Passionnée de. Je pense trop: Comment canaliser ce mental envahissant: : Christel Petitcollin: Books.

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They break up, then get back together. This is the typical behaviour of emotional co-dependency. In recent years, we’ve began to publicly speak out about serious debt problems. This conference provides insights on how to escape your mind’s childhood programming and helps you get your life back on the tracks of a winner life script. They tell me their mind never gives them a break, not even at night. In short, let’s christtel to how to wake up the prince asleep inside christeel frog.

Violence is regrettably a theme that is still relevant today. Love is suffering from the other person’s absence, from jealousy, from the fear of losing them. Many parents, educators and teachers are full of good will and good intentions. Emotional codependency makes you go through life relying on each other as a crutch. You CAN learn how to say no. For many people, the true love means passionate love. Compulsive overspending is the neighbor of bulimia.

Breaking free from the illusion of symbiosis and developing your own emotional autonomy will enable you to become stronger, to advance quicker, and more easily, and rather than relying on the other person, you’ll move forward together, hand in hand.

I have never received so many emails about one of my books! Emotions do not come into our lives without reason. Understanding how it works, realising that violence is never an answer or a solution but always a destructive spiral and long term escalation, will allow everyone to act at his own level to reverse the petitollin. We all agree that respect in our interpersonal relationships is going down in value.


But when we repress and deny our emotions, they take over and negatively control our lives. These are questions that everyone is asking and to which there ARE answers. Many people complain how they are unable to be assertive, to say “no” and all the negative consequences that this has in their private and professional lives: Finally, there are very simple and practical techniques that exist to organize your life and clear that backlog of waiting tasks.

For most people, “controlling their emotions” means repressing them and not feeling them at all! They go through a constant rollercoaster of emotions, switching between exaltation and anxiety. Fortunately, there ARE solutions! Why do we feel this chritsel disrespect? Depression comes from the inability to express Anger. Sports coaching has allowed us to define the mental elements petitcpllin to high-level performances.

The violent one is always the other, because when it comes to our own violence, it seems clearly justified. How does one prevent or defuse the spiral of aggression? For others, less common, life is simple and fun, full of joy, success and sharing.

Even more taboo than sex, money secretly generates its own neuroses and addiction phenomena. Knowing the mechanisms of self-esteem helps us to learn how to recharge, how to develop the positive aspects and dynamism in ourself and around us, and how to motivate and encourage a team.

However, much of this stress is totally artificial and could easily be avoided. Every emotion has a function and gives us useful information on our experiences. Anxiety comes of too much emotional repression. First of all, cyristel clarifying things in your mind: They’re fed up with the constant doubts, the incessant questions, the acute awareness of things, they’re sick and tired of their overdeveloped senses that take in every detail.


That’s why, for many people, stress IS inevitable.

Je pense trop

You extensively commented my book. So, I relied on your feedback, your opinions, your stories and personal tips petitclllin answer all these questions. Emotions are frightening and are not well accepted in our society. Who would have thought that being intelligent could cause suffering and unhappiness? Rudeness, incivility, individualism, lack of consideration, contempt, aggressiveness, insults and violence are the components of this lack of respect.

This conference will teach you how to use your feelings in a positive way and make your emotions powerful allies to drive your life. It’s because the definition of respect is increasingly unclear and subjective. Depending on the education we received as children and the experiences we’ve had in our life, each of us creates a personal vision of life and of ourselves. They’d just like to switch off their minds, but the thing that pains them most is feeling different, misunderstood and hurt by the today’s society.

This disrespect we feel has several origins: Yet I often see people in my office who complain that they think too much.

Thus, winning or losing scripts are created. Even if they go through relationship hell, some people are afraid of getting bored in healthy, peaceful relationships.

Editions of Je pense trop : comment canaliser ce mental envahissant by Christel Petitcollin

Understanding the components of self-confidence and its mechanisms allows us to restore, preserve and nurture that potential instead of destroying it by mistake. How can we protect our children from it? They often conclude by saying: What are its roots?