Yes, Choki Motobu, the notorious Karate master/former street fighter (or thug if you And Motobu was, after all, the descendant of the sixth son of the Okinawan . Choki Motobu – In Japan there is a phrase, Jissen, which is used to distinguish real martial arts from what has been referred to as ‘garden party’ Karate. Master Choki Motobu: A Real Fighter by Graham Noble. Posterity has not treated all the old karate masters equally. Some have had their praises sung many.

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It has been put forth by Chozo Nakama a disciple of Chosin Chibana that these works were dictated and translated into proper Japanese for publishing. During his whole life he is known only to have been beaten in combat by two individuals, one being Kentsu Yabu, a veteran of the Pacific War World War II.

But even the groin is not targeted as in a self defense situation.

Isshinkai – Choki Motobu

Okinawan male karateka Martial arts school founders births deaths. There was no way that he could challenge me anymore. There are stories that he would hit the makiwara a thousand times a day, and even if this is an exaggeration it illustrates cnoki importance he attached to this training drill. The students left shortly after that, upon which I turned to Itosu Sensei and said ‘I learned a Kata called Channan, but the Kata that those students just performed now was different, What is going on?

Can you bring Itosu here since you are his student? Motobu’s book was just to opposite.

Today, they use thrust fist tsuki ken strikes that go forward and in a downward direction called running waterbut in the old days there was no such hand technique. Eizo Shimabuku, and Shigeru Nakamura.

Gojushiho, or 54 steps as having been part of his repertoire. If you want my opinion, there is not even true warrior in today’s world.

Motobu Chōki

It is believed that it was his war time combat experience that allowed Yabu to defeat Motobu. He sought to verify the usefulness of the techniques he had learned from his teachers in actual confrontations. I mean, it is unlikely he was a well known professional whose record we could refer to. In the old days, we used to go to Sensei’s house secretly and quietly in order to learn techniques.


Kamae is in the heart, not a physical manifestation. When I got up to fight the second round, I suddenly thought, “If I am defeated by such a foreign boxer, it will shame both karate and Okinawa. This is the story when I met Okuyama, the manager of landlord of the Katabaru area.

The essence of karate is mohobu move gently or casually, then immediately and explosively hit the enemy when the opportunity presents itself.

The Motobu method does not seem to exist today as a distinctive style. According to Yasuhiro Konishi, Motobu thought about every detail in the kata in this kind of way. In actual combat, self defense, the eyes, throat, and groin, are the most targeted points. My father also told me that Matsumora remarked about you, that ‘When the man called Choki Motobu came to my Matsumora’s place, we practiced kumite.

Moobu here if you would like to receive our newsletter. Thanks also to Christopher Caile whose editing, addition of pertinent historical facts and historical photo collection added much to this article series.

Life on the Japanese Motobbu. I never taught anyone this technique before. Matsumora from Tomari and some others used to go to Katabaru at night when the moon was very bright. Shuri Choli was also attributed to Choki Motobu by Yasuhiro Konishi who eventually passed the system on to Robert Trias, as the man most preserving Motobu’s art. It was quite a common practice in the old days to begin a student training with Naihanchi kata and only when he mastered it to a motohu considered sufficient was a new form taught.

This publication error increased the bitter rivalry between the two men, and led to an apparent confrontation. All this is not to put down Choki Motobu’s achievement but just to try and introduce some kind of perspective into the stories which have grown up about this contest. At their conclusion, elder master Choki Motobu stood up and demonstrated kata and actual techniques, using the young mtoobu in the group as his partners uke.


Goroku” by Hashihiko akata He also used to practice a crude form of weight training, lifting a heavy stone weighing about lbs. Visit us today to protect everything you value. If we take at face value that Choki spent two years living and training with Matsumora of Tomari Sellsthen Motobu had nine to ten years of formal training without even considering the time spent with Kanagusuku as a child Sokon Matsumura and Sakuma of Gibo!

So they lay down at the entrances where they fell asleep. There are several systems today which are very involved in chkki fighting sports which have been developed from the art of Karate. In fact, you have such trained hands that you don’t need to be armed.

This February includes a list of referenceskotobu its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. His agility eventually earning him the name “Motobu no Saru Umei” Monkey Motobu for his ability to climb and swing in trees. Unlike Funakoshi, Myagi and Mabuni, though, Choki Motobu did not leave behind him a major karate school. In November of Iwai an event would took place which brought Choki to the attention of many on mainland Japan.

Nagamine was told by Motobu that he had won a hundred yen by betting on himself. It is through the research of Shoshin Nagamine in his book, “Tales of Okinawa’s Great Masters,” that we know that Motobu at the age of about seventeen mmotobu a well known wrestler by the name of Komesu Magi then thirty two and considered to moobu the biggest and strongest wrestler on Okinawaasking him for a match.

Utilized were a variety xhoki punches, vital point and unbalancing techniques accompanied by grabs, blocks, knees and strikes using both arms.

After his death, however, negative rumors and stories circulated perhaps propagated by those who feared him in life.