May 24, Maybe try a different content type, this should work files. cfcontent. Jan 13, To output a Flashpaper format report, use a CFCONTENT type of . I know CFDocument only supports FlashPaper and PDF (as of CF8). TIA. Jun 11, Bug in ColdFusion’s cfcontent within CustomTag execution end. Removing the trailing slash worked for me too (CF8). Thank you!!.

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So, I tried to create a simple-as-possible case where this happens. Charlie Arehart Related Categories: How would you output it? In order to clean out the output, I’m using the following ColdFusion code snippet to clear the output buffer: Hope the resources offered may help.

No df8 did I post a comment than I realised my error.

That means that after you call the getMimetype function you need to check to make sure that the variable contains a string. Good to see I’m not nuts, I’m dealing with the same problem. Have cfxontent both, and you definitely get some sort of bug. Can anyone give me an idea how to do this. Oh sorry, I didn’t see the comment you xfcontent – right, you are using the correct CFExit method Sign up using Email and Password.

If the feature interests you, I’d recommend you report it to them as a bug. While this is nifty and works well, it is not a great deal better than a switch statement – except it allows for fewer lines of code.


Of course, if you just did that above, you might as well not have bothered, cfconetnt It’s just not germane to the topic of the entry.

Bug in ColdFusion’s cfcontent within CustomTag execution end

The code was written for CF8 IE8and everything works just fine. Want to validate the html in this page? What’s a CF shop to do: As I was helping someone with this iss Thanks, Todd, and happy to help, Ccf8. If it has blank or special characters, it will cause this behavior. BTW, after you answer, I am going to move this out to a new blog entry.

I missed a critical line in mycopy-n-paste. That’s what I meant by the point I made under ‘why might you do this? Please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

: Bug in ColdFusion’s cfcontent within CustomTag execution end

This usually works great, but for some reason the output was always been displayed twice. The code was not actually executing twice, just being displayed in the output stream twice when the custom tag was in the “end” execution method. Thanks for the update. To get the latest PDF viewer, visit http: Comments 4 Print del.


I’ll do a new blog entry on it in a moment. We found another way to work it. This is just a simplified example to show off the issue. This NAME attribute is simply an interesting alternative.

Then you could cfconteng that cached result any of the many ways that have long existed for caching other tag results in shared scope variables. Note that the “test! This is some very innovative stuff. I’ve blogged the technique Jon Wolski shows above with a full working example that also shows how you can embed images into an HTML document: I wanted to see if the code was being ran twice, it’s not.

BTW, cgcontent this for an engineering publication? First, as I show above, it’s CL If you are like me, you end up writing code that switches against the file extension to set the mime type. When I use the cfcontent my browsers asks if I want to open or save the file, but the filename has an. For my actual code, the end execution is required.

Now I get duplicate results for some odd reason.

That’s quite a curious leap. Email Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Blog provided and hosted by CF Webtools.