centurian enslaved sissy maid porn-porno Galleries, Found Most Popular centurian enslaved sissy maid videos Displaying best centurian enslaved sissy maid. enslave and transform men into sissies, maids, she-males and sluts. A note from the editor of CENTURIAN PUBLISHING. Thank you for the great response. It is a publication of Centurian Publishing, Inc., and is dis- tributed by Centurian . In our last issue, Enslaved Sissies #5 we transposed the pictures on page 4.

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Some devices are actually permanent.

Enslaved Sissy Maid

I read die sissy magazine before he got home over and over again. They couldn’t figure out why I wanted it, but they delivered it. He began asking if I could get him hormones to increase his breasts saying he wanted to be one of the sissies we read about.

We take turns fucking her ass and getting blowjobs. We ordered all sorts of things from your Transvestite and Transformation catalogs, and Ralph even agreed to using your feminizing creams and tablets. How does feel, you rotten cock sucking son ens,aved bitch? We apologize to T. I didn’t giver her huge breasts but bouncy, little boobies, although I did give her quite a girlish ass.

I quickly got bored of the lickings and wanted something more.

An added thrill was playing cops and robbers and seeing my tied school girl reflection in a large mirror. After we read your magazine we decided that starting now we are going to turn her into a sissy schoolgirl.

Enslaved Sissy Maid at

She was now a blonde with sexy curly hair. Then I was dumped to the floor on my aching butt, tied in a ball, and fucked with a huge rubber dildo that I was made to lubricate first with my mouth.


I met Ashley when she was working at an X-rated theatre as a cashier and I was an usher. My lover fucked her hard, smashing her balls as he rammed his cock dissy. If I’ve told you once, I’ve told one hundred times. I am a Sissy White Male, 52, 5′ 7″, lbs. Still it was a bike, and it excited him that he was going to get ride again.

Next I then inserted a pole up inside him and tied his ankles together so he was implanted on it. Cookies help us deliver our services.

One night after one of her flings she catches her husband wealing her lingerie. He moved out to a hotel that day. He studied the encased cock and breast implants as best he could through her bounds. Living here has so many wonderful opportunities for me. Lots of letters from Dominants and Masters on how they turned men into enslaved chastised women to serve them and others.

But he realized that his cock was shrinking while his breasts grew and his body became more feminine, and refused to continue his treatments. I have all your catalogs but saw nothing for jewelry items that I can make my sissy slave wear at all times.

I gave him a month on his own so I could make a plan. The depictions of bondage or piercing in this magazine convey the satisfaction that men and women experience together, when they practice bondage within the context of mutual trust and consent. That included sewing at afternoon teas and meals, making her bed, ironing her clothes, helping her select her wardrobe, shower and dress and attending to any of her other needs as directed.

Despite the fact that his appearance shocked dnslaved he was still turned on, which was obvious from his hard- on. Cumming and cumming as my lover fucked her hard.

Enslaved Sissy maid 3

Wfliich, poor Tabatha, found litde consolation in as she was led off on the leash. And if you feel a pinch on your bottom remember to politely thank the person for their nice compliment.


We strongly discourage readers from imitating these depictions by themselves, outside the boundaries of a loving relationship, and without an alert partner.

Which was a lie, as her makeup and lips had been tattooed on. When I have a man over to give me what Rachel no longer can, he feels at ease about indulging centuian and wearing sissy undies, socks and Mary Janes with litde girl heels, and being tied up for sex. They were excited but on their way out for a golf match. Since that fateful day Sissy Powder Puff has become a great maid and cook.

I tied him to the St. Or may be you’re looking for something more spicy and extreme? How dare he try to leave me after I had given him 7 years of my life.

Full text of “Enslaved Sissies And Maids”

He looks like an old man trying to pretend he was much younger. I learned how to speak English fluently and began nurses training. A stupendously heavy wrecker bar that I’d bought at a construction site. Has dainty stretch mid strap. Then, with Brenda’s hands bound behind her I made her get on her knees and suck my ex boyfriends cock to get hard for me. Asking me to remove the gag he forced my slave to suck his cock, shooting hot cum down her throat.

One week the movie was about Diced crossdressing, with the male being ominated by a sexy woman who resembled Ashley.