CD datasheet, CD pdf, CD data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Intersil, CMOS OR Gate. CD – Dual 4-In OR Gate. Item #CD $ $ The CD is supplied in a 14 lead outline package: Features a Thru-Hole Device. Data Sheet. Texas Instruments cd Logic Gates are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Texas Instruments cd Logic.

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I kept it as simple as possible.

CD Datasheet – CMOS OR GATES from Texas Instruments

So, No, it would not work. Actually one dafasheet my Ic’s Pin was broken. The circuit on a breadboard for test. Each ‘correct’ key press will SET a flip-flop. Thanx At 15 January At 29 December6: Now imagine the same scene, but instead of pushing just a button, you enter the security code!

Plz help me its Ergent: Is this design dataaheet to expand to accommodate a seven digit code? It has the same operation as the previous one, but it is not recommended to be used with a touch keypad!

For example, someone could connect the D1 to key number dagasheet, the D2 to key number 2, the D3 to key number 9 and D4 to key number 5. At 3 September When no key is pressed, the S is also LOW from the pull down resistor.


Thanx in advance At 25 August At 1 June0: To be more secure, the keypad should be on another remote PCB. Then you will connect the RESET of this new flip flop to the output of the pin 1, that is the reset signal from an error button. At 22 August datashdet, Suppose now that the code is It is easy, At 1 March3: How to set the desired code we want and how to change it?

CD4072 Datasheet

From the truth table, R-0 and S-0 makes no change to the outputs. Those should be connected to the 4 buttons that you want to have the code. That was one of my imaginations when i was a kid. I know this is not an elegant way, but i did not want to use a microcontroller for this circuit. At 15 January Also, if the code must be entered in the correct order. After testing this circuit on breadboard, I found that it would not reset after pressing the correct key-codes.

The digit ‘4’ is more than once in the code and that cannot happen. Imagine that you sit on your PC desk, you pull the keyboard, the mouse is near by, you click the button and the computer boots. At 29 December5: You are welcome to comment for corrections and suggestions on this page. NEW in h eaven!


The one with the or with the diodes? At 31 May7: I have not test it but it could work. Click on it and it will maximize. Instead, it uses diodes connected as OR gates. You are talking about the first or the second circuit?

But it would require more cables to draw on the circuit and this makes me sick sometimes. What should I do??? By the end of this week i will have prepared the video of this circuit in operation like we do for all our circuits and experiments. At 18 June If you will use normal push-buttons for the keypad, i suggest you use the following circuit instead. The R is LOW. It needs a smaller PCB an one chip less. You mean you cannot see it clear? The keys can be a push-button with one normal-open contact, connected to the positive VDD of the circuit.

At 28 December Whenever a ‘wrong’ button is pressed, all 4 flip-flops will be Datasehet and the code must be entered again from the beginning. Now you press the digit 4 first. At 28 July7: