Can love, when it arrives, teach her not to fear the world beyond the dwelling place? Catherine Cookson was the original and bestselling saga. This week, I tackle the seemingly endless and screamingly worst of all the Cookson adaptations I have seen, The Dwelling Place. Brief note. Find Catherine Cookson’s The Dwelling Place at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Bella is then accused of stealing from her place of work and the punishment will be prison. Cissie and Clive’s love developed as tue real love story. Yet she manages to keep body and soul together to raise her siblings in a cave. I will say it had my undivided attention so for engrossing hte I have to give it 4 stars. Joe Brodie 3 episodes, Cunningham 3 episodes, It took her time to fall in love with him.

The Dwelling Place

I am sorry that the author separated them for 18 years, maybe I liked the series’ ending a little bit more. But I did fall in love with this story. Confessions of a movie addict.

I have read some of her other books and never been disappointed. Miller Watson 2 episodes, Henry Moxon Clive proved to be reliable and loving.

Resilience and self belief carry her through some very Unfortunately I watched the movie that was based on this book coomson before reading the book.


They end up homeless, make a shelter that becomes home to keep from going to the workhouse. Yes, I have issues with the ending less hide spoiler ].

They have friends, When fifteen-year-old Cissie Brodie loses her parents to cholera, she is forced out of the family cottage and left to raise her nine siblings alone.

Lord Fischel witnesses the scene and is absolutely appalled at his offspring’s behavior. The children gather all they can carry from their old home and make their way plafe the cave where they plce a new life in ‘the dwelling’. Cissie Brodie’s character was endearing and as a teenager, I think a bit of her responsibility and endurance rubbed off on me. But Cissie will hear nothing of her siblings going “into the Poor Law” — obviously horrific.

So with the help of a kind young wheelwright, Cissie manages to set up house in a cave on the fells [“a hill or stretch of high moorland, esp. Jul 03, Sue Harris rated it really placs it.

Learn more More Like This. He sends Clive off to sea for three years and grounds Isabelle. A fight ensues, the milk is spilt and Cissie finds herself on her back on the ground.

Thanks for telling us about colkson problem.

The Dwelling Place (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

I recommend it to those who LOVE historical fiction and perhaps those who like not having the difficulty of something like Jane Austen. Cissie gives birth to a boy and he is called Richard. Isabelle Fischel 3 episodes, Morris 2 episodes, Mike Elliott Miller makes Riah the gift of a When her parents die from cholera, she is determined that her younger siblings will not be taken to the work house.


Nov 16, Emilia Ju rated it liked it. This is quite a tearjerker, there is a HEA but Cissie goes through much anguish to reach that point.

Detailed Review Summary of The Dwelling Place by Catherine Cookson

She loved Cissie truly and never pressed her with his presence and desires, never came whining to her, as Matthew did many times. Feb 20, Donna Morris rated it really liked it. Cissie then gives Clive back the deeds to the house he had bought her and the money which he had given her and then goes back to the dwelling.

Return to Book Page. Sure, he apologized for raping and impregnating her with a child she would never raise, so I guess an “I’m sorry about all that crazy stuff that happened” can be forgiven. This is definitely for adults, because there is a violent and traumatic rape but I didn’t even realize it was a rape until there were hints and I had to go back and re-read it; the scene itself isn’t graphic central to the plot.