Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B. About Urmet Title, Language, Downloads. Sep 3, , INSTALLATION MANUAL, it,en, pdf 98 KB. Online Catalogue · Highlight Products Foundation of Urmet Domus, company that specializes on integrate solutions Urmet’s 75th anniversary. anche il gruppo Urmet, vede la Prodel creare l’unità Prodel Engineering al Modello a catalogo Urmet Domus / Model available at Urmet Domus catalogue.

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Switchboards With IPervoice the concierge desk is turned into a service centre connected to all the buildings and apartments. With integrated single decoder. Audio efficiency is optimal using two high power speakers. Demo-video available on www.

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Used to open door by entering a code. Allows to open the garage door and to establish an intercom communication with another apartment. Dimensions H x W x D mm x 95 x In event of short-circuit, cuts off the faulty part allowing operation of the rest of the system.

Set up for connecting to two loudspeaking units and equipped with two relays for opening the door or for auxiliary services.

Solutions for all installations: To use in case of radiofrequency interference on the system. Our employee success is driven by two primary commitments: Emits a three-note tone and can be customised.

Villas and villa compounds Blocks of flats Renewal Residential compounds Two wires throughout for quick and easy installation Renewal using existing wires Maximum flexibility: Powered by 9 Vdc battery. With 2-line, character graphic display.


With a 7″ colour display combined with the possibility of cyclically selecting the cameras to which the IPervoice can be connected, this monitor guarantees effective monitoring of all areas under video surveillance.

Comité du budget et des finances

Urmet has created a complete catalogue and has structured its offer on 3 segments: Provided with adapter cable. And what about villa compounds? Even single apartments can enjoy the benefits of remarkable versatility.

The video door ctaalogue picture is catlogue displayed on the screen. This functionality also offers weekly programming up to 5 daily timebands. Synchronises audio and video signals. Ideal for cataloguee blocks of flats with a single entrance door and one rising column, Bibus VOP is the answer also for complex compounds with several buildings and several staircases, in which common entry panels and secondary entry panels for each staircase are needed.

Hold this button pressed for at least two seconds to activate PTT Push to 212 mode and switch from full-duplex to half-duplex walkie-talkie mode. Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity The Signo video door phone manages electronic calls through a dedicated speaker positioned under the microphone and is compatible with all the main Urmet video door phone systems. General Aviation Catalogue. Meanwhile, Urmet invented the telephone coin and the pre-paid telephone card.

In Italy it is a leader in the video-interphone and telephone systems, in access automation and control, in professional anti-intrusion, anti-fire and video-surveillance; from private homes to town redevelopment planning, up to large public infrastructures.


Exigo is dedicated to who likes to chose: Urmet has developed a series of software products suitable for all systems: Assembly and maintenance is easy with pre-wired connections and directly accessible name tags. Access control functions can be added implemented by adding a special module. Expandability is ensured by the modular entry panel and can be implemented by adding modules because the kits contain devices in common to all Urmet systems, such as 2Voice and 5-wire video devices.

Ago is design-friendly because it respects the home and because all components are carefully styled. Bar fitted, 7 DIN modules. With two-way technology throughout, the devices constantly dialogue with the control unit to ensure transmitted data correctness.


Insert in door phone or in video door phone bracket. Flexible engraving options of the name tags two materials are available – brass and anthracite PVC and of panel fronts with two fonts and three backlight colours cayalogue, blue, green. Aero and SL43, the first simpler, the second more decorative for information such as street name and house number, information and name tags.

The chosen type of Urmet devices are the best and most jrmet for this purpose: This is the secret of our very high quality product and our attentive, accurate service.