MOBi-ShOW® (Smartphone compatible). Leave your laptop home and make your presentation from your mobile device. Casio Slim models will project from. The Green Slim series is the perfect choice for customers looking to upgrade their existing installed projectors. An industry-leading 2x optical zoom means that a. The Casio Slim XJ-A is a lightweight business projector that uses the company’s unique hybrid LED-Laser light source and supports Wi-Fi.

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Casio Slim XJ-A Projectors – Review – PCMag UK

We review products independentlybut we may xxj affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. It produces vivid, bright images—though the colors are subject to occasional tinting.

Instead of producing red, green, and blue using a standard lamp and a color wheel, it produces red with LEDs, blue with lasers, and green by shining blue laser light on a phosphor.

Its optical system directs the red, green, and blue light to the DLP chip, and out the front lens. The projector including the bulb cqsio backed by a generous 3-year warranty.

You can run presentations computer free off a USB thumb drive plugged into the port, or you can attach a wireless LAN adapter; with it you can connect wirelessly with WiFi-enabled Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile smartphones and computers PC or Mac running MobiShow software, so you can run a presentation from these devices.


Up to 32 computers can be connected at one time and users can also view content from up to four PCs on an individual screen simultaneously.

Casio XJ-A246 Projector

The XJ-A also includes auto brightness adjustment, which uses built-in light sensors to automatically adjust the brightness level of the projection to suit the lighting conditions in the surrounding environment. I tested the projector with it placed about 10 feet away from our test screen. The XJ-A offers automatic keystone correction and a generous 2X zoom controlled through the remoteallowing for versatility in the projector’s placement.

The focus is also adjusted incrementally through the remote, and with a little practice I was able to achieve a reasonably sharp focus. There was occasional tinting, with some light grays looking slightly greenish and darker grays with a hint of red. Colors were somewhat better in Graphics than in Standard mode, though there was still modest tinting.

White-on-black type was fuzzy at the smallest two sizes, and showed some tinting as well. Image quality is fine for typical business presentations, at least ones in which color fidelity isn’t critical.


The video was of a quality suitable for use with shorter clips as part of a presentation. Colors were bright and well saturated, sometimes to the point of punchiness. There was some loss of detail in brighter areas.

The rainbow effect—the xxj of little red-green-blue flashes, particularly in scenes with high contrast between dark and light areas—was frequently visible. Most DLP projectors show at least a trace of the effect, but with the XJ-A it was more obvious than usual, and would likely be very distracting to people who a2246 sensitive to it. But the W otherwise shines, so to speak—it weighs just 3. Some tinting in data images. Video is prone to the rainbow effect.

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