Woozy August afternoons like this one always put me in mind of Carson McCullers. Heat hangs around her novels and novellas—the. This lesson presents a summary and analysis of Carson McCullers’ novella, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe. The story is a Southern Gothic narrative. McCullers’s finest stories’ The New York Times the American writer Carson McCullers, and The Ballad of the Sad Café collects her best-loved.

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The title story is a novella, and I really enjoyed it. You are invited to listen to this tale, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe opens in a small, isolated town in the South, a rural hollow. My 6th grade teacher went on to become a full-time police officer and then county sheriff; I saw a newspaper article last year that he was resigning in disgrace after it was discovered that he’d used his office for an adulterous affair. A hunchback dwarf, Lymon Willis, comes to the store professing to be Mcckllers Amelia’s cousin.

Lit-fic’s wrench to the rescue. The world may grant us sanctuary, but abllad does not understand us, and will not miss us when we are gone.

View all 22 comments. There are three central characters: When the rumors hit their peak, a group of eight men come to her store, sitting outside on the steps for the day and waiting to see if something would happen. Imagine writing such fantastically obvious gay subtext in like, Martin thanked the lord for that. To see what your friends thought of caff book, please sign up.


Upon his return, he takes advantage of Cousin Lymon’s admiration for him, as he views Macy as a true man, and uses him to crush Miss Amelia’s heart. Feb 20, Melanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: The heart of a hurt child acfe shrink so that forever afterward it is hard and pitted as the seed of a peach. Oct 13, sologdin rated it liked it Shelves: The world bears us much as we bear our woes, a day by day of nearing and furthering reconciliation with too long a past to hope that sudden extinction would lead to instantaneous peace.

A most mediocre person can be the object of a love which is wild, extravagant, and beautiful as the poison lilies of the swamp.

The Ballad of the Sad Café and Other Stories by Carson McCullers

But there is much to love also: Often people behave differently as part of a group than when each feels themselves on their own!

The story and what happens in this small southern town is atmospherically told. Initial Impressions, March, The lay of the small towns and farms.

A ballad of a sad cafe this is indeed but told with a humorous twist in parts. It is a farson like the terrible dim faces known in dreams—sexless and white, with two gray crossed eyes which are turned inward so sharply that they seem to be exchanging with each other one long and secret gaze of grief.


Ballad Of The Sad Cafe (1951) by Carson McCullers – A Review

I interpret things too literally. Of the other stories included in tis collection, my favorites are “Wunderkind” and “The Sojourner”. There, for a few hours at least, the deep bitter knowing that you are not worth much in this world could be laid low. When there are lasers or magic ballad talking animals, I can tune down the introspection and enjoy a story with a quick one-sentence lesson thrown in – entertainment. When Marvin gets out of jail, Lymon is fascinated by him and ignores Miss Amelia.

Recommend this to those who appreciate the “literary” genre.

I hope you like this one as much as I did! Starks rated it it was amazing. They may not show it right away, they may act the way they usually do, but those shouted arguments between mommy and daddy aren’t forgotten.