Links to translation of Dorotheus: Carmen Astrologicum, by e. Dorotheus of Sidon, who appears to have lived in Alexandria, flourished in the first century AD. He wrote his Pentateuch (five books) on. CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM. translated by David Pingree. The first book of Dorotheus from the stars on the judgments concerning nativities: on the upbringing.

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Saturn was in what follows the cardine of the West and Mercury in what follows the cardine of midheaven, which is the place of fortune, so that the native should be wealthy, rich, powerful in business affairs, great in property, seizing eminence and fortune and increasing in astroligicum.

Dorotheus, Carmen Astrologicum: links to translation

If you look concerning its condition and the condition of its lord and the aspectors of these two, they will show you the condition of [his] livelihood. They are better if they are in one of their dignities. Mars will obstruct [the evil] for fifteen years if it is thus.

If you find the Sun in a good place and the lord of its triplicity cadent, then this indicates that his father is noble, but he will not keep his property and his honour because the Sun’s indication is thus. Knowledge of the lot of wedding by day and by night If Venus is in one of the signs of desire, which abound in lust they are Aries, Capricorn, Pisces, and Taurusand Venus is under the [Sun’s] rays with Saturn or Mars, then this indicates [something] like what I told you of the act of scandals; [it indicates] similarly if you find Venus in what I named for you of the signs of desire and one of the two malefics, Saturn and Mars, is overcoming it [Venus] from camren.

Dorothei Sidonii Carmen astrologicum

Knowledge of the matter of the fortune of astrologicu, native and [his] property and his illness. If you find the two luminaries, both of them, injured from opposition or quartile, then look from the conjunction or the fullness [of the Moon] as this will indicate to you whatever of that you wish.

Knowledge of the death of the parents of the native one of the two before his companion If astrologicmu find Mercury in the house of Venus and Saturn aspects it, it indicates the marriage of that native to slave girls or the like and servants and strangers, and similarly also in the nativities of females.

If the Moon with this is decreasing in its light, it indicates fate and shortness of life. Always, my son, before everything [else] understand the seven [planets] in longitude and latitude, divide the four cardines by their degrees, and know with this asrrologicum triplicities of the signs.


On the knowledge of the excellence of fortune If Saturn is with Venus or Venus is in the term of Saturn while Saturn aspects it [Venus], then it is bad concerning marriage because he will marry a widow or an old woman or a woman who is deficient in the matter of caring about him or a young girl or a slave girl, insignificant in everything, or a woman disgraced in the matter of livelihood; it is also similarly bad in the nativity of women with respect to their husbands and children.

The upbringing of natives and for whom there will be an upbringing or for whom an upbringing will not be known Knowledge of the places of the planets Look also with this at the varieties of signs as the actualization of this will carmeb made clear to you in them.

This Religius Sytem will not acknowledge that. All earth signs have their rulers, as do air and water signs. If the nativity is diurnal then look at the Sun and the lords of its triplicity, if it is nocturnal then look at the Moon and the lords of its triplicity.

If they aspect from quartile, then according to that they are beneficial.

If [the nativity] is in the daytime and the Moon and the lords of its triplicity are in a bad place while the Sun and the lords of its triplicity are in a good place, then this is something with respect to his mother and her end, and similarly in a nocturnal nativity. If you find Jupiter in a bad nativity in a cardine, then it will drive off the evil for twelve years, but if it is in what follows a cardine, then it will obstruct the calamity until it reaches a sign in which Jupiter indicates calamity.

If you find Jupiter and Venus aspecting the lot of brothers, then it is a good indication in the matter of brothers. Query about the sick If the Moon is free from these two, say the contrary to what I said.

Dorothei Sidonii Carmen astrologicum (Book, ) []

Knowledge of the lot of wedding. If I you find the lot of fortune in the term[s] of the benefics and a good place and the aspect of the benefics then that native will acquire property from his own property in affluence. On the knowledge of the excellence of fortune. But if you find the benefics aspecting the Sun and Saturn or the Sun alone, then he will inherit his father’s property and will hold on to it. All fire signs have the same rulers. Knowledge of masculine and feminine signs eastern and western and diurnal and nocturnal If you find a planet in opposition or quartile to the lot, then predict that he will abound in children.


Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are feminine, northern, [and] nocturnal; their lord by day is Venus, by night the Moon, and the associate of these two is Mars, while Mercury has a share in Virgo. If Mars stops in the house of Venus and Venus [in] the house of Mars, it indicates for the native disgrace and debauchery and destruction; Mars indicates similarly if it is with Venus or in opposition or quartile to it. Saturn and the Sun indicate older brothers.

Early astrologium Early works to Named Person: If you find Venus with the Moon in its Venus’ house, it acrmen the disappearance of the evil. Knowledge of what indicates whether the native and his mother are slaves or free.

If by day Mars is with the lord of the lot of fortune or aspects it from quartile or opposition, then there is no good in it. If you find the lot of fortune in a bad place, or the malefics aspecting [it] in conjunction with it or opposition to it or in its quartile, or its lord asfrologicum aspecting it or being western without light, or its lord being in a bad place or in its dejection, not aspecting the Moon by night or the Sun by day, while the benefics do not aspect it [the lord], then judge for him [the native] calamity and misfortune in [his] condition, especially if the lord of the triplicity of the shining luminary is in this kind of position.

Linked Data More info about Linked Data. Remember this lot which I told you about. It is worse than this if the Moon is in a feminine sign, and [even] worse than this if Venus carmem injured. Lists with This Book. Look in the matter astrologifum brothers as I told you: The corruption of the Moon Look at the lords of Jupiter’s triplicity, which of them is the stronger, and calculate [its] place which is above the earth, and count from it till it reaches the ascendent; whatever signs are between these two, according to that is the number of [his] children.