Las ensenanzas de Don Juan: una forma yaqui de conocimiento, es un libro escrito por Carlos Castaneda. Se publico por primera vez en en ingles y en . The Teachings of Don Juan has ratings and reviews. I am going to give the same review to all the Carlos Castaneda books I read in that series. therefore, it seems unreal. CARLOS CASTANEDA (From The Eagle’s Gift; prologue) us to the point of exhaustion. before we open ourselves to it. DON JUAN.

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I’m just going to be honest here–I did not like this book. This book is written in first person b This may be the first book that truly exposed me to psychedelic literature.

He speaks of his encounters with Mescalito a teaching spirit inhabiting all peyote plantsdivination with lizards and flying using the “yerba del diablo” lit. Pretty scary and wasn’t cool anymore after the books were written, how disillusioned he was until the time of his death. Although the authenticity of this text has been questioned over the years, and it has been disowned as an anthropological case study for obvious reasonsthis text remains a beautiful and thought-provoking piece of historical fiction.

Then I was supposed to go somewhere, to a meeting of people like myself, but I stopped because I didn’t know where it was. The structural analysis of Part II is a little dry and I skimmed through it. Books Melissa De La Cruz.

But your decision to keep on the enxenanzas or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. Lists with This Book. He offers a new thesis on a mind-state he calls “total freedom” and claims that he used the teachings of his Yaqui shaman as “springboards castaned new horizons of cognition”.


I was lucky to come across Castaneda very early on my magickal path. In this sense, Don Juan, like Carlos Castaneda, is constructed as an a-historical character, and the reader does not learn much about the mentor other than his experiences with his benefactor.

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University of California Press. Both paths lead nowhere; but one has a heart, the other doesn’t. View all 3 comments. A Yaqui Way of Knowledge was published by the University of California Press in as a work of anthropology, though many critics contend that it is lad work of fiction. Jul 09, Sh3lly grumpybookgrrrl.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. I have 3 of his books and wouldn’t mind parting with them. However, such a doubt is irrelevant to me. Does this path have a ce I remember when these three books were the big thing, along with Siddhartha and Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. English Choose a language for shopping.

One makes for a joyful journey; as long as you follow it.

Las Ensenanzas de Don Juan

A man of knowledge has clarity of mind. For me, the most rememberable tale in the book is Casteneda’s transformation into a crow. These books really are great, and are suppose to be somewhat true accounts of the authors younger years. I’m not ashamed to admit once being like many young cadlos who seek powerful ideas.

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The mood of the warrior who enters into the unknown is not one of sadness; on the contrary, he’s joyful because he feels humbled by his great fortune, confident that his spirit is impeccable, and above all, fully aware of his efficiency. In general, I found this very pleasantly accessible and easy to read. It’s important to have solid understanding of ideas, traditions and hopes that form any religious, mystic or philosophical teaching.

While Castaneda isn’t the best of writers, he ain’t half bad; and the various hallucinatory experiences dnsenanzas he describes tend to be wonderfully bizarre enough to make up for any weaknesses in his prose style. View all 7 comments. All I know is much of what is in these books works. His juam to keep on that path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition.


Whether or not he eon it up, he weaved the work into a self-contained reality in its own right. Tell me that, Carlos! Back then they were classifed as nonfiction. I recognized a lot of the insights, practices, teachings and experiences f We follow Carlos Castaneda to somewhere in Central America to learn ensenahzas ways of the Yaqui shaman Don Juan.

UCLA grad student in botany goes down to southern Arizona to learn about plants in the s.

I mean, the Yaqui don’t even use peyote although the Huichol do. With slightly fragmented grammar, it could be straight from Yoda. Even if one ignores the academic shortcomings and seeks only some quips of wisdom to guide them on their own spiritual or psychedelic journey, these wise words are found in short supply. In my own life I could say I have traversed long long paths, but I am not anywhere. A Yaqui Way of Knowledge are also excellent, and I plan on re-reading the series and reviewing it.

The Teachings of Don Juan may be mind-opening or perhaps it carloss just create endless confusion. Castanedz by Carlos Castaneda. Christian, Hindu and other religions have examples of charlatans who convinced many.