Alex Ross on the influence of Carl Schorske and his book “Fin-de-Siècle Vienna.”. A Pulitzer Prize Winner and landmark book from one of the truly original scholars of our time: a magnificent revelation of turn-of-the-century Vienna where. Fin-de-Siècle Vienna has ratings and 49 reviews. Miriam said: This reads more like a collection of topical essays than a book — because, in fact.

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Fusing politics, art and history without overplaying one of the areas, superficially brushing over another or stitching together a flavorless vignette of second-rate ideas is surprisingly hard to do. Yet they are so artfully designed and integrated that one who reads them in order is impressed by the book’s wholeness and the momentum of its argument.

Better yet, it provides an in-depth look at how certain individuals of this class began to search for new meaning in the world during the failure of classical liberalism. Carl Schorske’s book was my central text and thus I outlined it in some detail and took schorse notes, plus we talked about it in class many days. Its main character is cshorske son of a merchant who takes upon himself the bourgeois values of his father.

The man who tends to the garden is symbolic of what the new modern man should be; he is appreciative of science and art, rationality and aesthetics. Schorske tries and fails. Geographysocial evolutionethnologycultural diffusion. Aug 31, Mark Feltskog rated carrl it was amazing. I believe my dissatisfaction with the work relates back to all of these otherwise ingenious characteristics. Of course this book is about the turn of the century and the early years of the 20th.


Fin-de-siècle Vienna – Wikipedia

Sure, Fukuyama keeps finding examples which exhibit a balance of accountability, law and competent bureaucracy but they all seem transient. They struggled with the question of what does or can life mean in the face of the collapse of the entire social order which had organized and guided life in Habsburg Cal for centuries. The weakening authority of history sped up the process of change as it liberated people to create new forms.

Small World David Lodge. He died on September 13, at the age of There is no real engagement with turn of the century Viennese philosophy Ernst Mach or economics Bohm-Bawerkfor example.

Back cover copy A landmark book from one of the truly original scholars of our time; a magnificent revelation of turn-of-the-century Vienna where out of a crisis of political and social disintegration so much of modern art and thought was born. Table of contents Acknowledgments Introduction I.

Mar 21, Evan rated it really liked it. Schorske provides a thorough overview of the culture of the Fin-de-Siecle with entries on literature, art, politics, the importance of the Ringstrasse, and the impact of Freud.

Fin-De-Siecle Vienna

Schorske’s reach is wide–he looks at Freud and Klimt and architecture and political theories and ideas about the garden in Austrian culture at the time. Account Options Sign in. Craig, The New Republic “A profound work And yet Schorske succeeds quite nicely and in eight related but essentially standalone essays he paints a portrait of the Austro-Hungarian empire from its optimistic classical liberal inspired beginnings to a rather inglorious decline.

Sep 18, Joshua Buhs rated it it was ok Shelves: Both brought about anti-Semitism which beget Zionism through a pretty interesting path of Theodore Herzl.

Fin De Siecle Vienna

This compression of the socio-political liberal hegemony provided the opportunity for a ‘collective Oedipal revolt’ against the liberal inheritance, promoted by “Die Jungen” the Young Onesspreading from politics in the s to literature and art in the s. Coal Miner’s Daughter Loretta Lynn. Sigmund Freud carries much more currency today with social scientists than among actual scientists.


Not for the beach. Politics and Culturewhich remains highly significant to modern European intellectual history. When it was finally decided to use this foot wide semi-circle of land to build a phenomenal street of gigantic buildings it had two important functions: It’s All in Your Head Dr.

Each chapter considers the interrelationships between key artists with the development of psychoanalysis and what was — at the time — viewed as an end of history.

Fin-De-Siecle Vienna by Carl E. Schorske | : Books

In farl view, Vienna was a peculiar cultural environment due to the late ascendancy and early crisis of its liberal middle class between the s and the s. Vienna had grown up around the walls and expanded dramatically in the first half of the 19th scohrske.

This book is the place to start for an understanding of the culture of this era. After the war, he returned to Harvard for his Ph. The chapters on literature dealt with authors unfamiliar to me except as names and did not particularly inspire me to seek them out. Open Preview See a Problem? Craig, The New Republic “A profound work Books by Carl E.

Retrieved from ” https: Black Dogs Ian McEwan.