The Capitation Grant has been introduced in Ghana in by the former NPP Government. It was introduced with the intention of facilitating the achievement of . fees abolition policy, the Capitation Grant (CG), to spur the attainment of universal access to the basic education goal under the Ghana Growth. Report by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) in Accra on Ms Hague said the Citizens’ Assessment of Ghana’s Capitation Grant .

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Dzamboe acknowledges that every intervention or policy has its inherent challenges, hence, it is incumbent grajt the GES to organize workshops in coping with these challenges.

It was introduced with the intention of facilitating the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of primary education for all, by financing the primary and Junior Secondary Schools in Ghana in such a way that education is free for all. As shown in Figure cxpitation, enrolment decreased from 3.

Enoch Okomfo Okonah, Head of Policy and Research at the Global Media Foundation, also believes that government needs to be applauded for the steps being taken to promote formal education at the basic capitafion.

It therefore, behoves government to institute appropriate measures to address these problems.

In all, a total of participants 15 head teachers, 75 teachers, 45 parents and 3 circuit supervisors participated in the study. It is clear from the suggestions that, timeous disbursement of the Capitation Grant, increase in the amount per child relative to the grant, improved infrastructure, more manpower especially teachers and continuing education regarding the implementation of the grant were key for improving education delivery under the grant.

Daily Graphic Updated on: While before the introduction of the capitation grantNER for girls in JHS was slightly above boys; the trend reversed since and the gap has since been widening. caoitation

It only started to peak again around It can provide children with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life and is associated with increased incomes, reduced poverty and improved health Jn, Despite various interventions to salvage the teething problems of the Grant capitatikn workshops and other sensitization programmes, the full influence and challenges of the Grant are yet to be ascertained in terms of enrolment of pupils in public basic schools in Ghana Dzamboe, The survey design allowed the gathering of information from a large population from schools and from secondary sources documents made room for generalization.

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But much to be emphasized is the expected education of various PTAs as key stakeholders in implementing the Capitation Grant.

Table 1 shows the responses of teachers on how the introduction of the Capitation Grant affected the production and use of teaching and learning materials in large classes. Please try im current version of IE or Firefox. The introduction of the Capitation Grant is rooted in the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, which made provision for a policy on free education to be implemented within two years of its coming into force.

Effects of Capitation Grant on Education Outcomes in Ghana | Global Development Network

This requires serious policy attention, capitatuon with regard to some socio-cultural and economic practices that give preference to boys in making educational choices for children in the family. However, over the years, the cumulative effects of these educational reviews and reforms have not met the desired objectives of achieving access and appropriate educational management at the basic level.

Enrolment grantt the Ga West Municipality from to Unfortunately, the supply of textbooks is inadequate, coupled with high enrolment as a result of the introduction of the capitation grant.

A sample of 15 basic schools consisting of primary and JHS were purposely and randomly selected for this study. The NER in pre-schools remained almost the same before and after the capitation grant scheme at Incidental sampling was used to ghans 3 parents each, from the communities where the 15 selected schools were located.

From the data collected, about It held the view that the improvement upon the quality of pupils in basic schools also depends on pupil- textbook ratio Atagra, Dzamboe opines that as a result of introduction of the Grant some authorities adopted the shift system where capitationn students attend school in the morning while others capitatioon in the afternoon.

A questionnaire was developed and used to obtain primary data while documents were used as secondary data. The ideological underpinning is the continuing aim to thana education more relevant to the world of work after school, to rural development and modernization of the predominantly agriculture-based economy, as well as to promote national and cultural identity, and citizenship.


However, some of the amount is used for sports and cultural activities and the remaining for the provision of teaching and learning materials, minor repairs in the schools, and examination Dzamboe, The target population of the study constituted section of the stakeholders of the Capitation Grant Scheme.

Capitation Grant – Schools in Ghana

This could possibly explain why some of the respondents said the introduction of the capitation grant did not have any influence on the parents sending their children to school. EasyEdit Report page Share this. However, the increase in enrolment brought about some challenges such as inadequate classrooms, furniture, textbooks, teaching and learning materials and a high pupil-teacher ratio.

There is however, a wider gap in GER at the JHS level between boys and girls, continuously moving towards boys, and averaging around seven percentage points. The need for a systematic unveiling of the influence of the capitation grant resulted in the formation of the following research questions:. It however decreased to 27, in However, a side effect of this was congestion in schools, inadequate accommodation and furniture, high pupil-teacher ratio, shortages in teaching and learning materials, and textbooks.

1. Background and Context

A plausible explanation for the upward change in the pupil-teacher ratio could be the disproportionate enrolment of pupils to the number of teachers the government employed within the period of to There are public basic schools in the Municipality.

The Municipality was carved out of the erstwhile Ga District which was created in Government will, from the next academic year, increase the capitation grant to public basic schools from the current GHC 4. Ghnaa example, Atagra argues that the implementation of the Capitation Grant Scheme in September, increased enrolment in pre- schools by Gross enrolment for primary education reached It was therefore not surprising that majority of the participants saw an improvement in the provision of teaching and learning materials.

Background and Context 2.