Results 1 – 17 of 17 CANNE MOUCHE bamboo Fly rod bambou refendu fishing cane canna . unused bruce walker cane effect hexagraph salmon fly fishing rod. About the object: Fishing: ROD: Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Salmon Deluxe 16’6″ 3 piece fly rod, split cane finish, burgundy close whipped, ferrule stoppers, line. Immaculate Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Walker 15′ Salmon Rod . Canne à mouche saumon LOOP OPTI ZPEY 14′ 9/10 two hands salmon rod.

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Powell, son of the legendary American bamboo rod pioneer E. Hexagraphs are finished in a rich golden brown color and really stand out in contrast to the basic black of most other rods.

That really is the end for my ‘good conduct medal’. Just a ‘peace of mind’ fix, probably. All Cannd Buy it now. The top of the handle with its decorative whippings. I pondered and then simply took the VSSK Very Sharp Small Knifepushed the point through the plastic seat in the bottom on the guide groove and slit it open like a rabbit one day too long hung in the garage.

Easier to hold, reel seat also the right way around now screw facing upwards. It took me a while, but I stripped the paint off to lighten the rod and improve its ‘feel’.

Canne da pesca > Vintage > Pesca > Sport e viaggi – Dealvue Italia

It feels a little heavy compared with a hollow section, but not overly so and it’s quite comfortable in the hand. I wanted a lighter rod in the same vein and had planned a aftm conversion for some time.

I’ve ordered titanium ‘Minima’s’ all through and a titanium lined tip ring, plus a 30mm butt ring GCC If you want to know what the Geneva Comedy Convention has to say about ‘butt rings’ you can order your own copy. By the same token, the amount the rod bends shortens one’s lever considerably and great pressure can be applied to a fish in extremis, but gently so, so the line gets good protection from sudden lunges.


With the Hexagraph it feels as if I could fish heavier and pull harder. Minor wear on handle. This space deliberately blank I am content to wait. Modified Item see all. Double leg whipped on.

New other see details. The last rebuild swapped all the SIC rings for ‘Pacbay Minimas’ and wondrous butt and tip-rings, agates both. The top section will have single legs through to the tip, to keep the weight off the bendiest bit. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, it won’t help me catch bigger fish or more fish etc. The painted was quite chipped there canme a lot of strain is hxagraph onto that section. The only sort that is actually any good.

Another happy hour with Ms. The other entries on the ‘Big Hex’: Rod Length see all. The observant and numerate reader can work out that I’ve owned, fettled or ‘fixed’ at least eight Hexagraph rods, although I’ve sold or parted with three of them. Hhexagraph some might say the intensive manufacturing process makes it over-priced. Most prominent among these faults is for the tube to go into oval shape when put under stress hexageaph load, and for it then to lose considerable strength.

It is sensitive enough to feel everything right through to the handle.

Rods, Hexagraph.

Even on this otherwise sound rod, there were tiny cracks in the paint showing that there might be the tiniest of movment in the joints. I generally use it with 6lb line and the Harlow ‘pin, but I’m happy using it with 8lb or 10lb main-line, and I suspect it would handle most things with the 10lb. It builds hrxagraph the strengths of each of those types of rods hexagrapj it addresses their shortcomings.


Mark the orientation of the seat using a black ‘sharpie’ – screw fitting pointing ‘up the rod’ of course.

I originally built it with ‘low Bells’ guides and one amber and one green agate stripping guide on cannf butt section as it looked nice. A bit like me. I passed this rod on a long time ago as it lacked back-bone. Full 22″ cork handle with sliding rings reel fitting. It’ll get hot mind.

The top section ‘ferrule’. The ferrules are bright and fit properly. No-one has permsision to use this domain’s email for hexahraph purposes. Throw salt over your left shoulder. What’s not to like? How We Do It Hexagraph rods are constructed in a fashion similar to bamboo rods, but, rather than from cane, they are made from a combination of a light-weight, very strong aeronautical construction foam bonded to layers of carbon fiber graphite fabric.

This fly rod is in excellent condition throughout. More Hexagraph Carp Rods. Despite its slow action it’s a strong rod and on its first run out, holding fairly modest fish straightened two hooks. The top of the reel-seat and the foregrip, such as it is. As opposed to pulling the tip down towards the butt with line starting parallel to the rod butt The butt ring stop it Another problem manifests itself in the manufacturing hexaagraph when the matrix of carbon is wound on to a mandrel.