His Eminence Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche the Third, entitled “Calling the Lama from Afar” that was written by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodrö Thaye the Great. (English); Calling the Guru from Afar by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye. (English); Guru Yoga for Bokar Rinpoche by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa. Its name is Calling the Guru from Afar, and it was written by Jamgon Kongtrul, one of the greatest masters of recent times. His name was also.

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Inspire us to cut confusion at its very root. If a devotee prays regularly, he or she receives an uninterrupted shower of blessings. I have explained this topic and want everyone to know that one only thinks and merely assumes that samsara is meaningful. Selfish deeds and feelings jamyon become our ingrown habits.

Prayers and Songs | Kagyu Changchub Chuling

These kongtruo are not right and show that the relationship a disciple has with a Lama is incorrect. He guides the practitioner through all his appearances, words and expressions. At a certain point, a practitioner forgets the meaningful pursuit and falls away. Look from the vajra realms of Mahasukha. Please bless me in this very session!

And our consciousness will wander without direction in the bardos of samsara.

Prayers and Songs

All sentient beings want to be happy and free of suffering; consequently they lead their lives trying to achieve this aim. Genuine Dharma is kontrul to benefit, but we are unable to practice correctly. Yet when difficult situations arise, the hidden faults of a poor practitioner come to light. When one suffers and experiences a slight headache, one complains.

Calling the Lama from Afar by Jamgon Kongtrul

Gaze from your effortless sphere of compassion. Many people fail to be generous by making offerings and assisting the needy, and so they hoard and suffer the pangs of having to leave everything behind when they die.


Bearing not the slightest pain, not physical or mental, While our stone-hearts feel no fear of taking dreadful births. One is hardly critical with oneself and thinks one is the best. They lead their lives anticipating the fulfillment of their hopes and the elimination of their pain and fears.

Looking at history and biographies, one learns that a human lifespan is very short. This is the uncontrived natural state, but we cannot sustain it.

I have seen followers no longer respect their Guru after a retreat and merely look upon him or her as ordinary. Look kongttrul your fivefold light-sphere of self-presence. Thank you very much Erik! Bless us that we bring difficult situations onto the path.

Child of the siddhas, Karma Urgyen, please hear us. He practiced, brought the skillful means to fruition, and thus has realized great bliss.

Naturalness the basic state, but we lack certainty. Once this true meditation is there, one realizes that out of our mind or consciousness a continuous stream of thoughts emerge.

The holder of this Lineage is the Gyalwa Karmapa. The truth of karma, cause and effect, is certain, but we do not decide correctly what to give up and accept. Bless us that within we bring the genuine Dharma to perfection. But, then, how does confusion arise?

One needs to be very careful that one is not influenced or carried away by obstacles and by friendships and acquaintances so that one is not discouraged.


A Buddha, however, has eliminated all veils of disturbing emotions and sees the true nature, the reason he is a Buddha. We pray to our Lama for his inspiration and blessings that our practice may never be destroyed and that we establish the final result.


You can definitely see the Karmapa as your Root Guru while you pray to your Lama. The practitioner does not realize this; one does not know that his confused mind in its ultimate essence, the mind’s nature is just like the mind of the Lama which has emptiness and clarity.

The guru’s body itself does not represent all his vast activity. After chanting, simply remain in an atmosphere that is suffused with blessing and inspiration. Inspire us so that true devotion may not fade but grow. Some people appear to be really involved with the Buddhadharma, since they behave properly, but their thoughts contradict their actions if they have failed to tame their own mind. With a few harsh words, we loose the armor of our patience. Gaze from your wakeful space, empty knowing.

Bless us that we overcome our enemy, the kleshas. The outer Lama is the Lama one thinks is separated from oneself. Ego-clinging does not only hinder but actually impedes individuals from even thinking about wanting to find a reliable path to freedom from suffering. One day he saw a woman holding a baby in one arm at the market; she was holding a fish she wanted to eat in her other hand. One continues nurturing biased opinions concerning those one accepts and those one rejects.

Bless us that we let go of attachment to this life.

Every day that passes brings our passing that much closer. This is the meaning of the beginning of the supplication, which is:.