Maps are an important part of your trip into and around the Boundary Waters and Quetico. We are dedicated to bringing you maps that aid as a planning. Check for Proper maps for your entry point Here! BWCAW ENTRY MAP INDEX. Scroll down or click on map numbers to see sample section and order maps!. High quality laminated maps of BWCAW, Quetico Park, Isle Royale, Voyageurs, Lake Superior and more.

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Low water conditions or late season water levels can make Larch Creek a tough paddle. L Clearwater Lake Method of travel is day use motor. Very remote with difficult terrain.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Map | BWCA Route Planning Map

There are daily entry quotas established for each entry point. Must do short portages wbca further lakes for campsites. The calculation is performed using the first point on the route points list and the settings below.

Because of the extensive resources and time necessary to perform this calculation, the limits for this tool are:. The Route Finder calculates the distance and time from one point to another. This page uses Javascript. Access to Wood Lake is a rod portage.


Access is a rod portage into the lake. The access is a boat landing at Brule Lake. Some trip options with additional portages.

Interactive Map

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Web site Maap 41 million visitors have used this service in the past 21 years! K Seagull Lake Method of travel is day use motor. Primitive trail is not well-maintained.

Access is a 80 rod portage to Bwac Hegman. Do not camp in any site which does not have a fire grate and latrine. Access is from Lake Vermilion via a rod portage suitable for portage wheels. Ely District – Motor Use.

Updated May 10, Access from the canoe landing at Bwxa Creek. Access Angleworm Lake with a rod portage. The Route Finder Area calculation finds the points you can reach within a certain time or distance. Enter from Crane Lake. Bog lake has four campsites.

Since it is still in development, it does not work perfectly. Must spend all nights on Crocodile Lake. To manage your saved routes, go to your Saved Routes page in your account.

Access is from Gunflint Lake with a 10 mile paddle and two short portages to South Lake. If paddling use entry point 8.


Permit availability information from Recreation. Do not select the Affiliate ID option if you will be posting the link on a website that does not allow commercial posting. Access is a boat landing at Fall Lake.

BWCA, Boundary Waters, Canoe Area, Maps, Quetico, Campsites

Non-burnable, disposable food and beverage containers including returnables are not permitted. Before entering Quetico Provincial Park: You must be logged in to rate campsites. This is still something we are experimenting with, but it was so much fun and strangely addicting that we thought we’d share what we have so far. Party size is limited to reduce visitor impact. Please report any unexpected results, calculation errors, and anything that seems to be wrong. For information about cabins and lodging Click Herefor a quick response.

Bwva to Basswood for motors or paddlers with a 20 rod portage. Access is a boat landing at Baker Lake with a 10 rod portage into Peterson lake to reach the first campsite. Many trip options with additional portages.