Data sheet E E E E E E. Measuring range* . The burster ohmmeter RESISTOMAT® model ensures this dry-circuit. Latest updates of data sheet always under burster DE Gernsbach. [email protected] EN .. Model Magtrol-Burster offers a comprehensive line of micro-ohmmeters, from simple The Resistomat Model is particularly suitable for quick measurements of.

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Sales Rep For sales assistance outside the U. Send us your hurster Burster Resistomat and we will replace it with a refurbished one, all covered by our comprehensive 12 month warranty.

Autorange Temperature compensation for all materials Thermal e.

Measurement leads, 4 pin DE EN. Due to an exact dosing of the applied torque, reproducible reference values for resistance are achieved. However, If you would like a copy mailed to you, please complete the entire form.

These settings are called up via a bit pattern 5 bits. Infrared temperature module DE EN. Automatic measurement range selection Up to 50 measurements and evaluations per second Temperature compensation for all materials Thermovoltage compensation Dry-circuit measurement in accordance with DIN IEC Data logger for 20 measurement values.

Our state of the art workshops and highly skilled engineers enable us to repair overindustrial automation parts from more than 7, manufactures.

Precision Ohmmeters

This link will lead you to our international website www. Download our new brochure. Typical applications are resistance and conductivity measurements on:. A 2-fold and 4-fold comparator with switching outputs has been included for classifi cation and selection; this feature is particularly useful for serial tests. In conjunction with a digital ohmmeter, Magtol-Burster offers clamping devices for monitoring the production and quality assurance of wires, rails, cables and sector conductors.

If objects need to be tested for several different parameters by an automatic measurement system, you can store up to 32 device settings such as measurement ranges, limiting values, temperature coeffi cients etc.


Milli-Ohmmeter RESISTOMAT Type By Burster Repair at Synchronics Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Your latest selection was canceled. By continuing you consent to our use of cookies. Instruments driver and programming examples X86 EN. The evaluation menu of the stochastic data logger displays the maximum, minimum and average values as well as the standard deviation.

Burster – Resistomat repair options: The device operates on the basis of proven 4-wire technology which corrects any incoming line or contact resistances. With their robust and sturdy housings, these mobile instruments are designed for use in the field, in servicing or in the testing department.

229 measurement lines are checked by an integrated cable ubrster monitor. For measuring test objects with low inductances, a special measurement input protection was developed buester prevent voltage peaks from damaging the device when test objects are disconnected.

For sales assistance outside the U. The quickest and most cost effective bursher to your problem is often our Service Exchange service. Precision Ohmmeters Available in the US only. Instruments driver and programming examples X64 EN. These testing instruments are designed for the highest demands in industry and use the proven 4-wire measurement method designed by Kelvin to cancel any lead resistance errors inherent in less sophisticated 2-wire systems.

By applying forces of up to kN the new clamping technology of burster overpowers whatever thick oxide fi lm. Too many products selected Please notice that there is a limit of 5 products for the product comparison. Typical applications include measurements on: Airbag triggers are tested by a Resistomat Model v in a test stand. Model For Fast Precision Measurement in Automated Processes The Resistomat Model is particularly suitable for quick measurements of low resistances in automated processes.

State of the art workshops. This is all done through our research, development and production headquarters in Germany. This is why we have a number of repair options to suit your requirements:.


External foot switch DE EN.

Lektronix, a Rockwell Automation Business is one of the world’s busrter providers of industrial, electronic and robotic automation repairs and spares. The PC is used for the parametric setting of the test unit, such as measurement range and the limit values, as well as for the registration and statistical evaluation of the measuring data.

Standard Repair – We will repair your item within working days.

Lektronix : Burster Resistomat | Other | Repair & Supply

Up to 50 measurements per second can easily be performed. Typical applications include the measurement of:.

Onsite Services buester We will send our onsite engineers to your work to assess and diagnose the fault. A bkrster filter is available for preselecting the measurement values to be stored. PC configuration software demo V The PLC interface allows the easy addition of external lights and buzzers to make the unit suitable for production settings.

Burtser use cookies to make some areas of the site work and for statistical data. Emergency Repairs – We will repair your item within 3 working days.

Repair and Replacement for Burster Resistomat At Lektronix we can provide you with a brand new Burster Burxter covered by the Original Manufacturers Warranty. Portable Ohmmeters With their robust and sturdy housings, these mobile instruments are designed for use in the field, in servicing or in the testing department.

Temperatures are measured by a Pt sensor or infrared sensor pyrometer with analog outputs or any temperature transmitter e. One special application involves the measurement of contact resistances dry-circuit measurement ; the load voltage in this case is limited to 20 mV in order to prevent fritting DIN IEC Our current product information is available on our web site.