BTG – General about this document This document is a complement to the ordinary MBT User manual (M) and Service. MPS & PPS Manual / Pneumatic Pulp Sampling Valves. MCS . BTG’s MEK is undisputedly the best known, best reputed consist-. Item 1 – 8 Manual loading of probe signal settings. . Based on BTG’s patented Peak Method (see section ) of optical anal- ysis, the TCT MEK

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Use the shortest possible length of the connection wires. Make sure the shield is correctly connected – fig 6. Avoid getting water in the edges of the covers. SPC Communication Terminal 9. Contact BTG for further advice.

Set the overload protection to the same value as the rated current for the motor, indicated amnual the rating plate. Look for loose screws, wires or electronic components. Multi-point calibration see section 3.

If the transmitter is to be installed at a height where it will be difficult to reach, build a platform that will make it more easily accessible for service and inspection. Fasten, with plastics, six 6 symmetrically positioned antirotation rails 7 inside the stud 5. If the transmitter and sampling valve where fitted are not to be installed immediately, screw a blank flange onto the transmitter.


BTG Model MEK 2300 Consistency Transmitter

Electronics box with built-in power supply unit: Check total free play of torque wheels see above: If any sample is faulty it should not be activated, i. All units are tested as a complete system to conform with relevant CE directives and their standards. Updated calibration see section 3. Wide scatter of calibration points round calibration mxnual low correlation factor Action: Type sign explanation 7. If pressure is lost, fibers may clog below the sensing element and affect measurements.

Set the write protect button to the activated position to prevent input. Manuao output signal is linearized from this curve as indicated by the horizontal scales, i.

P BTG Model MEK Consistency Transmitter – Peak Machinery

Assure yourself that the pipe is empty before opening it up! See below to compute the linearized output signal. Fig 6 shows a typical installation. Take New calib sample ration The feedback signal will then btgg stored in the memory for sample 1 mean value over 40 seconds. Check the stability of the signal over time.


User manual of JCT in English_百度文库

This is especially important for the MEK variant. Formation of layers will result in incorrect consistency measurement.

Each language version English, German, French etc. Calibration points are too few or too closely bfg Action: See fig 47 below. Anchor the parts well during installation.

If necessary, mabual the time constant. Where the water quality is extremely poor it is advantageous not to use water flushing. It can be further refined by an updated calibration see section 3.

This is a form of calibration to make the transmitters identical with each other. The power supply unit must provide 24 V DC dual voltage mel transient protection. Connection must be carried out by authorized personnel b.

User manual

There are live parts here which may cause electric shocks. Simulation function for manipulation of the settings without disrupting the output signal. If using the junction box with built-in power supply, manal that the supply voltage is within the stated limits.