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BS Code of practice for safe use of cranes. Tower cranes. standard by BSI Group, 04/28/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS BRITISH STANDARDCode of practice for safe use of .. BSI •9 BS Complex liftIf the lifting operation is.

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The climbing process should be repeated until the required number of sections have been added to the crane tower. Communication is normally necessary between personnel on the ground, personnel on the climbing frame, the operator in the cab of the crane being climbed 71215- the operators of any other cranes involved.

BS 7121-5:2006

Personnel should only stand on or work from the floor of the carrier. They are also able to provide access to the Permanent Works vs in cases where the building structure is being used to absorb the loads from the tower crane base or ties supporting an external tower crane or the collars of an internal tower crane.

These arrangements should include the assessment of ground conditions, preparation of suitable outrigger foundations and any road closures. The balance of the crane should be checked before each extension of the climbing equipment. Lifts should not be made on any other hoist lines of the crane while any person occupies a carrier attached to the crane.

Dismantling of the crane once the structure is completed should also be taken into account when selecting tower cranes. The signaller may be given the operations between personnel. Successful climbing depends on detailed planning and effective team work by suitably trained and experienced personnel. The crane operator should be present gs the normal crane control station when the carrier is occupied.

Instruction manuals also cover other essential maintenance such as tightness of electrical connections, frequency for checking the security of fixing bolts, recommended torque settings, inspection and setting of clutches and brakes, and functional testing.


Compliance with a British Standard cannot confer immunity from legal obligations. A list of organizations represented on this committee can be obtained on request to its secretary.

To climb the crane up to the next level an additional collar is assembled around the tower at the prescribed distance above the top collar and ba climbing supports, up 71211-5 the crane climbs, are hung from what has now become the middle collar. This may be below the maximum in-service windspeed specified by the crane manufacturer.

Consequently crane operators should be appropriately trained and assessed for the tasks they are required to undertake. When all parts of BS have been published, CP will be withdrawn and BS will be revised to cover manually operated and light cranes only. In such circumstances the signallers should obtain the agreement 71215- the crane coordinator before carrying out any operation.

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There should be sufficient time for the instructor to demonstrate each part of the practical training and then for each trainee to practice the skills while also being able 71215 learn from observing other trainees.

Electric arc welding should be carried out in accordance with HS G [22]. The assumption that a procedure for a similar b crane can be safely followed should not be made. Any changes to the method statement following its initial issue should be recorded by a revision to the document and the document reissued.

BS 7121-2-5:2012

Certain safety equipment, for example helmets, safety spectacles and fall protection equipment, can deteriorate 71215 age and should therefore be considered for renewal periodically.

The crane is supported in collars which surround the tower at two different floor levels, generally about 12 m apart. Climbing supports can be ladders, rods or tubes. It is essential that the Principle Contractor on a site is fully involved in the planning as they have overall responsibility for ensuring that the operations are carried out safely and without incident.


BS 起重机安全使用实施规则.塔式起重机 – MBA智库文档

If it is, check to ensure that it is the weight of all parts of the load a machine tool, for example, might not include the drive motor. Buying standardsOrders for all BSI, international and foreign standards publications 71215- be addressed to Customer Services. All those attending the briefing should be asked to sign a declaration confirming that they have attended and understood the ns. Those responsible for the selection of personnel should ensure that the personnel involved in the operation are efficiently organized in order to ensure good team-work in the working situation.

Duties, but not responsibilities, may be delegated to another person where considered appropriate. The thorough examination does not cover the absolute legal requirements to ensure that 7112-5 equipment is properly maintained.

The intention is that these codes are used by management both as a working guide and in the training of personnel in safe working practices, and that appropriate information and recommendations are incorporated in their company standing instructions for the safe use of cranes. Selection tests may be used as part of the process. The Appointed Person should ensure that all persons on the distribution list are in receipt of the latest version before the start of the operation.

Consultation between the designers of the structure and the person planning the climbing operation should take place at the earliest opportunity as substantial shoring and bracing could be required to safely transfer the collar forces to the structure. Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings.

All parts should be inspected prior to vs to ensure they belong to the crane being erected and are in good condition, free from defect. The safe system of work should be communicated to all parties concerned.