From the author of the groundbreaking New York Times bestseller The Female Brain, here is the eagerly awaited follow-up book that demystifies the puzzling. Louann Brizendine, author of “The Female Brain,” examines the gulf between the sexes, this time from the male side. The cover of “The Male Brain” by psychiatrist Louann Brizendine, known for her bestseller “The Female Brain.” REUTERS/Broadway Books.

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Jan 12, Maria Ella brzin it liked it Shelves: Mar 23, Minutes. Russia detains US citizen on suspicion of spying. For example, testosterone makes some men angry and violent. For example, on the issue of “male narcolepsy after sex”.

Also, the book is highly reductionistic, which I suppose is typical for neuroscience. Make I highly recommend this book. She want While this book started out slow, it got better as the author went through the stages of male brain development.

The Male Brain by Louann Brizendine

I read this book to try to better understand my dad, my husband, my largely male coworkers and to nrain lesser extent my son. Yet my clinical work and the research in many fields, from neuroscience to evolutionary biology, show a different picture.

So while I listened to this book, I think it would be better in read visually rather than listened to. Trump to US troops during 1st visit to combat zone. It explores primatology, animal studies, and observation of infants, children, and teens, seeking insights into how particular behaviors are programmed into the male brain by a combination of nature and nurture. Climate, California brizendlne and more.


Louann Brizendine: ‘The Male Brain’

While this book started out slow, it got better as the author went through the stages of male brain development. I love the way Dr. Indeed, about half of what she said was true about “the male brain” simply louxnn true of me; “Men accuse women of being too emotional and women accuse men of not being emotional enough” p.

Feb 17, Patrick rated it did not like it. The other half should read the book, just as I needed to read ” The Female Brain ” I can only hope I read carefully enough!

Brizendine says that the human female brain is affected by jale following hormones: Refresh and try again. But they’re no replacement for actually talking to one another and getting to know each person, male or female, as an individual. Trump’s wall pledge may not get expected results.

I didn’t read this book–I listened to an audiobook version. I realize that I am hardly a typical man; I am intellectual, autistotypic, introverted, lojann, and bisexual; I am unusually high in IQ, emotion, and empathy; but as I was reading I came to realize that there’s something wrong with this whole search for “typical men” in the first place.

As I take readers through the phases of the male brain’s life, brizednine hope is that men will gain a greater understanding of their deepest drives and women will catch a glimpse of the world through male-colored glasses.

As soon as I saw that the birthday gift I had opened was a braij called The Male Brain, I was worried it would distort science in the service of gender stereotypes. And click bdizendine to read Dr. Apr 05, Rachel rated it really liked it.

She would have none of that. I thought the study based in Utah about men’s blood pressure actually going down from warm touch was interesting. Men must be strong, brave and independent. The most illuminating parts were the ones that described baby boys and teenage boys.


The Male Brain

Fast and simple keto recipes that are low-carb and delicious. But how much of this kouann behavior is innate and how much is learned?

Male and female brains are different from the moment of conception. Nov 16, R B rated it really liked it. So our culture and how we are taught to behave plays a big role in shaping and re-shaping our brains. As ,ouann, even though most of what it says is based on sound science, the presentation makes the book very dangerous indeed. Sep 03, Juliet rated it liked it.

I also felt that a lot of the information presented was skewed to a Western perspective.

The Female Brain (book) – Wikipedia

Occasionally she does it right, offering the necessary thee such as “boys more often than girls will go behind their parents’ backs to take risks and break rules” p. Most important takeaway I’ll never use: We humans are first and foremost social creatures with brains that quickly learn to perform in socially acceptable ways. Return to Book Page. Yes, our hormones and other subconscious aspects of our brain have an effect, but we’re not the monkeys of the studies she cited; we’re humans with consciousness, reason, morals and at least a little self-control.