Bright Lights of Disturbia (a.k.a. BLoD or BLOD) is a hurt/comfort “I finally finished The Bright Lights of Disturbia and fuck, it felt good to finally. The Bright Lights of Disturbia has 82 ratings and 15 reviews. Dreamer said: Re- read this epic for the second time, updated to 5 is a lengthy. The Bright Lights Of Disturbia written by leonidaslion. It’s a wincest story and believe me, you won’t regret reading it. It’s a hell of an angsty story and the journey.

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Only Dean would try to pick someone up during a porn audition. That is just sick!

How long has this been going on, anyway? The day when I care about John Winchester is finally here, who would have thought that.

The plot insofar as these things have a plot revolves around a series of savage, animalistic murders in a small town. Then you should be good at following orders. Lightz sad about Berserk turning into – Go! The gun is warm and dry in his hand. Sam hesitates for a moment and then pulls his bandages off as well.

The Bright Lights of Disturbia – Chapter 35 – leonidaslion – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

Disturbia Art by secretlytodream. If those bright flashing warning lights, pull you in, instead of repel you This story ripped my heart out and I disyurbia buckets and then the ending Remember Me Forgot password?


Dean stiffens for a moment and then, grudgingly, looks back at Sam. The portrayal of the brothers’ dynamic was amazing and so spot on.

What is it all about? No, the problem here would be the million and one injunctions Dean has against discussing his feelings at all, let alone in front of a stranger.

Finally, Dean peers up at him. Brght in previous chaps where I have ended I have been left with a happy feeling securely resting some where around my middle. To anyone that is a supernatural fan I suggest you read it, especially If you feel like challenging your emotions.

Sam looks up toward the house automatically, searching for confirmation. But the story itself is astonishingly well-written, and worth reading to the end.

Your email address will not be published. I’m so happy now. Sam tightens his hold in response, making his brother wince and still. I should get dressed. Natalie Saenz rated it it was amazing Jun 01, Or, maybe you already did? This has to be some kind of mistake. The original manip for the second poster. Comment characters left.

The mysterious people behind the camera were probably thinking up scenarios to get Dean naked and fucking or, as it turned out, being fucked the second he walked through the door.


Dean’s eyes as mood ring really gets on my last nerve, and all that snotty crying is a bit much. Luckily, Trish seemed to be expecting something of the sort and lifts the tip of the pencil just enough to avoid marring the design. A woobie to end all woobies I’m not a wincest fan, but I loved the hell out of this fic. Lips moans, hips twitching at the sensation, and Cock Number One rolls him over onto his back, pulls out, and shoots on his stomach and chest.

My curiosity of Sam’s dramatically-hopeless predicament a predicament I suspect is far more common than many know and how it all played out had to be satisfied.

And it is Dean. Between one blink and the next, any trace of unease is gone. In retrospect, what Sam should have done when he heard the moaning coming from downstairs was go back to bed. I mean I have read some fucked up shit.

Podfic of Bright Lights of Disturbia

I love writing that twists the trope. And there are maybe few i like. Thank you and run to download them all. All fields are required.