BRAN HAMBRIC: THE SPECTER KEY. 2. Chapter 2. THE BOX IN THE BANK VAULT. HE CITY OF DUNCE sat directly east of the wild and forbidden West. Bran Hambric believes that the Farfield Curse is over with. But when he discovers a safe-deposit box in his dead mother’s name-in the very bank vault where he. Bran Hambric has recently discovered a safe deposit box in his mother’s name, in the very vault where he was discovered as a boy. Now he’s on a frightening.

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Let’s get into some of those, shall we? Booklist Review Fifteen-year-old Bran, devastated by the death of his best friend, is caught between a conviction that Astara isn’t really dead and the need to unravel the mystery of a box left him by his recently deceased mother.

He trys to keep it from everyone because when they know that’s the end of them too. So Bran sets off on a journey to discover the truth about what is in the box, all the while racing against an evil mage the same one that killed his mother, incidentally who wants the contents of the box for herself. But Elspeth was already reading the papers and paid him no attention. Things happened in this book that should have greatly upset me or at least had me worried, and they didn’t.


The Best Books of This is book two. Read more about the PowerV Word Selector.

Bran Hambric: Specter Key

Published October 10th by Barn Jabberwocky first published October 1st Days past no sign of his friend and evryone is acting as if nothing had happen. I enjoyed book one, but I loved book two. I really enjoyed this book and I have to say that while with most book series the first usually has a bigger impact, this one I’m actually pretty undecided which one I liked best: How do i get to read the whole book?

Nov 07, Lucy rated it it was amazing. Your best friend might be dead. She gave a small, dark smile. Worry me, I mean.

Bran Hambric: Specter Key : Kaleb Nation :

The safety deposit box with his mother’s name, and its mysterious contents. You can definitely see an evolution spetcer the writing and it’s a very gripping book from start to finish with an unexpected plot. She was wanted by every Magic Investigational Police officer in the world-but she had offered him a reward he could not refuse.

Many products and services offer Lexile measures for their books and reading materials. I feel like the first book is better an that this one really did not hold ghe attention as well but it was still an enjoyable read.

The Farfield Curse is a story you’ll want to pick up, but not put down! His gaze darted around, wary, as he had every right to be. She spectee the briefcase’s lid shut.

Paperbackpages. With all of the characters well-established, the pace was much faster and the story more compelling. This one preserves the action, the powers, the grand conspiracies and the heroic efforts Bran puts forth to do what’s right in the midst of an increasingly specger battle.


MacHale, author of the “Pendragon “Series” “Whimsy, magic, and suspense collide in this breathtaking tale. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

The Fairfield Curseboth Sourcebooks JabberwockyBran battles to save his friend, Astara, who has be snatched into the world of Specters. One or more items could not be added because you are not logged in.

The Specter Key

On the way, he meets people from his past and struggles to come to grips with his parents’ identities. MacHale, author ths the Pendragon Series “Whimsy, magic, and suspense collide in this breathtaking tale. When she was seven, a horrific fey attack killed Donna Underwood’s father and drove her mother mad.

I enjoyed the new characters, but missed having more of Polluck and Adi. Our favorite oddball wizard Bran Hambric comes to find out that his mother left a safe deposit box in her name right in the vault he was found in by Sewey Wilomas.