Brainwashed has ratings and 70 reviews. Jafar said: A new study suggests feeling powerful dampens a part of the brain that helps us connect with oth. Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience by Sally Satel and Scott Lilienfeld is an important book on an emerging. Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience. Article (PDF Available) in Theology and Science 12(1) ยท February with.

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Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience

Sally Satel’s assault on ‘neurobollocks’ – the over-optimistic and ultimately deceptive use of neuro-language in modern science and arts. A healthy dose of skepticism towards all the neuro-hype flooding our society. Very useful book that debunks many of the claims made about how brain scans can explain so much about human behavior. Learn more about serious mental illness at Mental Illness Policy Org.

Review: Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience | HuffPost

Sally Satel wrote a book, that was quite the counterbalance to the pop-neuroscience audiobooks I’ve listened to over the years. We may not be able to explain the mind just yet, but just wait. Nov 21, Pandit rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ve been very dubious of brain imaging – or at least the claims people make while providing fMRI scans as ‘proof’. Jul 29, Jafar rated it liked it. They demonstrate that neuroscience cannot predict whether someone will become a criminal or seducctive addict or what people will purchase, cannot determine whether someone is lying, and cannot prove that humans don’t have free will.


May 25, Anthony Cleveland rated it really liked it. A provocative account of our obsession with neuroscience, Brainwashed brilliantly illuminates what contemporary neuroscience and brain imaging can and cannot tell us about ourselves, providing a much-needed reminder about the many factors that make us who we are.

See how addiction being a disease is not quite accurate? If I had been reading the book, I would never have finished it all, because the authors biases would have been too much to suffer through.

Neuroscience heeft veel nieuwe inzichten opgeleverd over de werking van onbewuste denkprocessen en invloeden op gedrag. The test-subjects decided to participate. Be sure not to fall into the trap of dumbing-down these complex processes. You don’t need an MRI, duh.

Harde bewijzen voor effectief gebruik van neuroscience toepassingen zijn nog niet geleverd. Satel says not brainwazhed fast.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Overall, I thought this was an enjoyable read. And then the book gets even better. Every grand human story needs informed curmudgeons to poke holes and sniff out misapplications. This means not only that collectors of fMRI data could be working with potentially flawed or incomplete assumptions about what kinds of thoughts and feelings are generated by activity in certain brain regions, but also that using mindleas results to make conclusions about subjective experience is an act of interpretation, not direct mind reading.


However, according to the authors, we are still years perhaps decades away from truly clarifying the mind-brain issue. No one — especially the authors — are denying that brain scans, neuroscience, and the focus on the sub-molecular functioning of the brain is an important, critical, perhaps eventually game-changing development. The authors do question whether claiming we are there already is helping or hurting.

Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience by Sally L. Satel

Jan 04, Steven Peterson rated it really liked it. Satel and Lilienfeld give an overview of how fMRI works and help the reader understand brain science without denying the true promise of its endeavors. The progressive thinkers are now the determinists. A well written book based upon the premise the application neurosfience fMRI neurological testing has significant limitations regarding suspected correlations between brain function and mental process.

Neuroscience is very young, and Wow, this was an excellent read. These facts, which are well known in neuroliterate circles but not always grasped by the general public, are too often glossed over or ignored entirely when funding or consumer wallets hang in the balance.