Other Inquisitions. By Jorge Luis Borges. Translated by Ruth L. C. Simms; introduction by James Irby. This remarkable book by one of the great. Other Inquisitions, – Jorge Luis Borges: Life: essays, Otras inquisiciones (–) (Other Inquisitions, –), revealed him at his analytic. Jorge Luis Borges: Other inquisitions, – Translated by Ruth L. C. Simms. pp. University of Texas Press. $

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His essays read like his short stories; they are packed with complex circular associations. Mar 17, Anjan rated it really liked it. I flip back to the table of contents, where I see a list of titles that do not reflect the contents of the book othed which I had believed myself familiar. He was also a poet and a writer of essays.

I remember Hawthorne only through the many short stories I was as There is a beautiful analysis of Nathaniel Hawthorne one more precursor to Kafka, created by Kafka! Ancient Panama Mary W. Due to a hereditary condition, Borges became blind in his late fifties.

Kabbalah defines time as the distance between cause inquisition effect, the pther between action and reaction, the divide between the crime and its consequence. He was a target of political persecution during the Peron regime, and supported the military juntas that overthrew it.

De alguien a nadie Dios pasa de ser “los dioses” Elohim a ser la nada. Formerly he seemed mad, which at least was something; now he seems merely simpleminded. He refers to them as both precursors and also writers on whom he had influence. Interestingly, even Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles gets a positive review, with the most wonderful sentence: Are there essays in this book not included in the latter collection?


Jan 01, Shaun rated it it was amazing. Jan 19, Aaron rated it it was amazing. These inversions [Quixote being a reader of the book Quixote, Hamlet watching a play based on Hamlet] suggest that if the characters of a fictional work can be readers or spectators, we, its readers or spectators, can be fictitious. Borges somehow manages to – for the duration of the essay – truly believe in these concepts, and in turn, make you believe in them. I finally understand what Borges saw in The Invention of Morel.

One of these is Pascal. I think this is a great book! It is a book.

Other Inquisitions, – | work by Borges |

Borges is always great for providing an intellectual recharge, for getting you excited about reading and thinking about reading, especially in his essays. What does it matter if it is this novel, or novelty, of science fiction?

Oct 06, Matthew rated it it was amazing. Being the most admired author from his native country it really makes sense…though Ernesto Sabato would reject this assumption. It beggars the mind. Other Inquisitions is a collection of his essays from We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Othee understands this, but in reality when a poet for example, composes a verse portraying his love for a woman, children, the sun, light, or even in describing his suffering, he is expressing his impressions of the light that acts upon him, whether he wants it or not. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Other inquisitions, Texas Pan American series. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

In this outwardly fantastic book, Bradbury has set out bogges long empty Sundays, the American tedium, and his inquisitilns solitude, as Sinclair Lewis did inqujsitions Main Street.

Inhis family moved to Switzerland where he attended school and traveled to Spain. While running from the Burning-House-of-literature I owe this description to Billy Collins this would be the second book I would grab. Literary Essays Literary Studies: In the epilogue Borges muses about his collection and states that he notices certain elements to be a feature of all the essays. Every letter of every alphabet contains its spiritual meaning because people convey their sensations through books.


Also love this article because my hardback boxed Karamazov is my most prized book in the world. And yet at no point does he feel like he’s showing off.

Recommended Reads: Jorge Luis Borges’ “Other Inquisitions”

Passerete diaframmi altrimenti infrangibili. Borges believed that reading was an act of art- no less important than the act of writing and by extension listening and looking. From inside the book. Blrges compared them would have seen that they were essentially the same.

None was ever so engaged as Jorge Luis Borges. Then Borges takes out his laptop and tells me he has read my review of his book of essays, Other Inquisitions. Of the many British writers, none is so accessible to foreigners. Borges finds many of Hawthorne’s morals contradictory and fanatical, but explains why his fiction remains so moving. The Flower of Otehr. Memories of Lazarus Adonias Filho. He turns the laptop so that its screen is inquisotions me.

This guy writes for a completely different literary audience than mine. I love two kinds of authors: Lists with This Book.